Review for Good Girl Bad Blood

Review for Good Girl Bad Blood

Good Girl Bad Blood, Mystery, Young Adult, Murder, Investigation, Holly Jackson, Read, White/Black LettersPip thought she could get a break… but then someone she knows goes missing and she is back on the case.

I was so hyped when I saw we would get a second book because I just absolutely loved loved the first book. And this one was also great and I just couldn’t stop reading. This author has a way with words and the story is also very engaging.

Pip is just recovering from all that happened in the previous book, and it was a lot. She is now mostly focusing on the rape-case (from the previous book) that is now in court (which had me pissed at various points with how the men treated the women who were standing there telling their stories). But quite soon one of her friends knocks on her door to tell her that his brother disappeared. Pip decides to help out. And I loved that. Despite everything she still can’t stop researching, she still wants to help despite knowing that things may go catastrophically wrong.

It was a very exciting ride to go along with, and there are so many twists and turns. I love the podcast, the interviews, it just broke the book up from the normal text, if that makes sense. It is why I love books like Illuminae as you have normal text along with other fun things.

Jamie’s disappearance… well I would say prepare yourself. There is A LOT coming that I didn’t expect. It definitely went into a totally different direction than I expected and that ending to everything was just HOLY ****!!!

I loved seeing Pip do her best to research all and everything. She is not giving up despite the police being a total

I loved Ravi and Pip together, I would have liked some more romance, but I am also happy with that it didn’t take centerstage. Yes, I am a confusing person. Teehee. I just think that at points it could have used a bit more. Some sweet moments in between everything that is happening. Something light.

I did find a couple of errors in the text. One was when they talked about the time that Jamie left the party. They said it was x, but on the next page they mentioned y which was an hour earlier.
Then in an interview with someone she repeated the same question twice right after each other. Which just felt really really odd.

Given the ending? OH YES, I definitely want a third book. Give me more of this girl and her podcasts (which I normally don’t like, but do like reading apparently).

All in all, recommended to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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