Review for Halloween Monsters: A Guide of Spooky Facts and Faces

Review for Halloween Monsters: A Guide of Spooky Facts and Faces

Halloween Monsters A Guide of Spooky Facts and Faces, House, Fog, Moon, Dark, Orange Font, Non-fiction, Monsters, Vampires, Eric Guth, Children's Books, Haunting, Ghosts, Vampires, Frankenstein's MonsterI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist. I love Halloween (though it is still not that celebrated here), I love monsters. I just had to try this one out.

I have to say that the format (pdf) didn’t entirely work out. The pages with what monster it was about came AFTER you learn the facts about the monsters. That really threw me off the first two creatures, but then I got used to it. I am sure that it works better in a paperback form. I am not sure if it is because of the PDF file or something else, but the text at times was a bit hard to read for me. I had to really get close to my PC screen to make sure I read things correctly. I do have to give credit that each font for each monster did fit that monster.

In this book we see various monsters from werewolves to the monster created by Frankenstein to vampires. Yep, your standard monsters but there is always something fun to read. Oh, and we also get some facts on haunting critters (you know black cats, bats, those kind of critters that always pop up in creepy books and spooky stories). For instance I learned that apparently people in Northern Europe also had legends about people transforming into bears! OMG werebears? Cool! And that there are more black cats than any other colored cat! There are facts, definitions, images that have to do with the monster, and also it’s origins.

But one thing that was a bit of a shame was that this felt like an essay/paper. I know I made these kind of essays when I was in middle school/high school. I still had fun reading this book, but I thought I would get more of a book. I hope I say this right, lord in Dutch I would know how to say it. I don’t mean this as a bad thing, but it did stand out for me.

All in all though I had fun reading it, it was quite interesting and fun!

Star rating, 3 stars

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