Review for Hotel Flamingo: Fabulous Feast

Review for Hotel Flamingo: Fabulous Feast

Hotel Flamingo, Hotel, Food, Feast, Competition, Children's Books, Chef, Kitchen, Animals, Flamingo, Human, Children's Books, Illustrations, Humour, Funny, Alex MilwayA wonderful and fun book in the Hotel Flamingo series. This time competitions and cooking!

In overall I did enjoy the book immensely, I loved seeing the characters again, the hotel is flourishing (and getting more popular and known), I loved the cows and I do hope they are still together despite that one thing we find out, I am happy we see some more chefs even if they have even worse egos than Le Pig. I loved finding the animal (and I found it this time I was looking for it, which wasn’t the case with the other books). I love the names for the animals and seeing all the various new animals appear and see what they like to have in their rooms or what they need to live. I loved that our girl is getting more and more comfortable with running the hotel and that she is learning more with each book.

HOWEVER. There was just one thing I was less a fan off. The fact that next to the feast… we also have a superawesome stunt pigeon… who can’t fly. I found it took a bit too much of a spotlight at times from the feast. In the end the feast was a bit lacklustre in my eyes. I would have loved to see a bit more hype, more excitement. More contestants. More food.

Plus, I do think that Lemmy should have been honest with Le Pig from the start instead of hiding things. I get that you are afraid of her, everyone is, but better to be honest than to ruin a big important something for her.

The art was fantastic and delightful (as expected given that so far the art has always been fun and colourful).

And I definitely can’t wait for the next books.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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