Review for How to Get Mommy to Sleep

Review for How to Get Mommy to Sleep

How to Get a Mommy to Sleep, Boy, Woman, Bed, Reading, Plushies, Cat, Picture Book, Religion, Prayer, Brother, Family, Cute, Adorable, Children's Books, Amy Parker, Natalia Moore, Pillows, BedI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this book (and also the daddy-version) on Netgalley. I decided to first try out the Mommy book and delight delight, I was selected to read it. I guess I will soon have to get the daddy-version as I am curious what differences there are.

This book is about a little boy and all he does for his mommy. It is not just about letting her sleep (though he does allow her to do that at two points which had me go awww), but also about helping her out through the day. By dressing yourself, making sure that mommy forgets nothing during grocery hunting, helping with food, and other things. It was just so cute and adorable and I really liked this little guy that he does all this for his, clearly tired looking, mommy. It made me very happy.

I hadn’t expected it, but it was a good and happy surprise, this book is about God and religion. I am Christian myself, though I mostly stay away from books about religion as at times it gets a bit too much. HOWEVER, this book was just perfection and it gave me a big smile seeing the faith so big in this beautiful home.

At the end there is even a bed-time prayer which made me smile even more.

I am also a fan of the art, it was really colourful and sweet.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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