Review for Isadora Moon Goes On Holiday

Review for Isadora Moon Goes On Holiday

Harriet Muncaster, Isadora Moon, Isadora Moon Goes on Holiday, Sister, Mermaid, Save The World, Pink, Fairy, Vampires, Fantasy, Beach, Holidays, Contest, Children's BooksIsadora wins a contest and goes off to a fun trip.

I was so delighted to have a Isadora Moon who goes on vacation! I am celebrating my vacation now (this feels weird as I am writing this before my vacation :P). Though my vacation is not as special as Isadora. 😛 Just relaxing and reading and probably sleeping and hopefully swimming. But that is enough for me as I can use some relaxation after this whole year, well since March.

Isadora decides to draw something special for a contest and she wins. She and her parents (and her sister of course) are off to a tropical location for sun and fun! Isadora is, naturally, hyped and looking forward to it.

Can I just tell you that I love how no one blinks an eye at vampires and fairies? I have yet to see any others who aren’t family but apparently vampires/fairies/other supernatural creatures are normal in this world and that is just the best.

I just love the location and I love reading how much fun Isadora has. And then we also meet Marina again and see that she is staying nearby at an underwater hotel.

The illustrations were fab once again. The style is just the cutest and I love how everything is either pink or black.

However I wasn’t a fan of how the parents kept complaining, good lord you guys won a freaking competition you could be a bit more grateful. Or well, a lot grateful. I get that for neither of you it is something you very like, but look at your daughters. Look at how much fun there is. Come on.

Also the trash. I understand that our world needs our help and that we need to do things, but I read books for relaxation and pleasure and so many books try to put in the message to save the world that I am just getting put off from it so so much. I just want to go back to the time when going to the beach meant going to the beach. Not saving turtles and the beach and the ocean and the world.

But all in all, I had fun reading this one and it definitely brought me in holiday mood!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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