Review for Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius

Review for Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius

Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius, Matt Oldfield, Soccer, Football, Children's Books, Illustrations, Humour, Boys, Girl, Sports,A superduper fun book about a boy who may not be the best in soccer/football… but has tons of knowledge and fun ideas to help out his team.

This was such a delight and I definitely hope this one will be translated to Dutch so I can promote this book even further, this will be a hit here. We got many soccer/football books so I am sure everyone will be delighted with another one. Especially one that is about soccer, but not per se has the MC play soccer/football.

I was a bit tired though of him hating on his mom’s accent ALL THE TIME. We get it, her American accent is not your fave. But boy, please. Be happy she helps you, supports you.
I did like the family in ways at least, I did like that they were supportive of our MC and that they were often found at his competitions. Or at least the parents, the brother wasn’t so nice at first.

Billy was horrible and who the hell had this kid play with those shoes? Or who convinced him that it was a great idea to play like that? I do hope that Billy gets a bit better and nicer in the next book.

How did Mr. Mann even get this job? He should go to the military with the way he does things.

Tabi is AWESOME. I loved reading about her moves and how kick-ass she was with everything. This girl can keep up a ball. Plus, I loved the friendship between Tabi and Johnny. It was fantastic and made me happy. See, boys and girls can be friends.

Johnny has some wonderful ideas to help his team and in each chapter, before the match, we see him have an idea and work it all out. While it all did go a bit too easy and all went a bit too well, I could forgive it as it gave me such a big smile. He really is creative and I had such a giggle at the ideas. Such as telling jokes to distract someone.

I loved seeing the team accepts Johnny more and more, at first they weren’t so sure about him, and I can’t blame him given how he plays, but he shows them he has got some great ideas and he is willing to help them out.

The illustrations were a ton of fun and made the story even more fun!

Star rating, 5 stars

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