Review for My Occult Book Club

Review for My Occult Book Club

Lightning, Horror, Silly, Humour, Book Catalogue, Books, Children's Books, Occult, Demons, Devils, Steven Rhodes, Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, Possession, Sacrifices, WitchesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I was lured in by the title and the cover. What would this book actually be about? Well, I found out quickly it is kind of like a book catalogue just with occult and hilarious books about darkness and devils, for your children. I laughed, giggled, ohhh and aahhhed, and had so much fun reading this one. Also, can I order one or more of these books and hope they become real? Some of them sound awesome.

Not all of the books have book descriptions, sometimes this catalogue only shows a book cover. I liked this variety, though I wouldn’t have minded book descriptions to the books we only see the cover of as I am quite curious about the books. Like what kind of songs are included in the Cult Music Sing-Along? And does the Easy-Bake Coven feature recipes?
I loved that we got non-fiction books and fiction. Demon pets and puberty oh my!
There are books on how to summon demons, how get two weeks more of vacation (would you sacrifice your brother for that?), what happens in puberty (apparently you don’t just grow hair… you also become a werewolf), selling your soul, hugging a snake, and many many more.
OMG, I was delighted to see a certain girl pop out of a well again. Ohhh there she is, Hi Sadako! also waves at Bloody Mary

There are also advertisements included in the book, for instance you can get your own cursed videocassette. To which I say, no thank you. I know what happened in The Ring (Japanese version please). And there are also activities to be found in this book. Yep, this book is full with everything you may want… or may not want. 😛

I love the illustrations, the style is just amazing and quite nostalgic and retro.

All in all, I just flew through this book. I need more. Please make more? Please? I would highly recommend this book to all.

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