Review for My Riot

Review for My Riot

My Riot, Rick Spears, Emmett Helen, Photograph, Instax, Band, Girls, Bands, Ballet, Romance, Graphic Novel, Punk, Music, Young AdultI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Something attracted me to this book, I just love graphic novels and this seemed so interesting. A ballerina who falls in love with punk and starts her own band. OMG.

Since I am dead tired at this moment (and some other stuff) I will write a review.. but it will be a bit chaotic as I write while reading with some addings to parts as I read further. 😛

Well, given the beginning I can imagine this girl goes to punk/falls in love with something else. Dear lord, she is 115 pounds, 52 fucking kilo. That is NOTHING. How the fuck do you dare to make suggestions she is fat? How dare you suggest she goes smoking or losing weight? This girl is 17, she is still growing. She is developing. Fuck you dance instructor. 😐 I hope one day you realise the shit you said and maybe discover you have throw a lot of kids into eating disorders or lung cancer.
I did like the ballet parts, despite the whole you are fat despite not being fat stuff. I have always been a fan of ballet stories.
Also what the fuck is up with that guy she dances with. How is he able to judge that she never has been in love? I also never heard a dude of his age say swollen heart, so that had me in stitches next to wanting to punch him for saying stuff like: “I make no promises but I will do my best to help her.”.
I am glad that eventually she decided to fuck it, and I was just applauding and cheering for her because hot dang this was about time. You shouldn’t be forced to smoke a pack a day, puke out your guts, not eat anything because you are afraid of being weighed, of being too fat. WHICH SHE ISN’T. I was so proud of my girl. Good job girl! Fuck ballet, fuck that lady and her constant whining about weight and how a ballerina should be. That isn’t healthy and someone should talk to that lady.

While I never agree of riots and destroying property, no matter what anyone’s cause is, this was a change for Valerie. She made a new friend (who is showing her new things and giving her new music). And slowly she is changing to who she really wants to be. And what she wants to be. And I was so happy for her.

I loved her first experience with seeing a band (guessing punk/rock) live. How she immediately jumped and danced no matter that she got a nosebleed. And OMG, those sweet moments with that guy, I was just swooning and hoping these two would get together. Though Jake was just a bit of a dick at times. I am sorry, but really? He got upset over that? She never said she never had x… And why does it matter that she had x? Also later he started to get really pissy about the band and such and I just wanted to throw him in a cold river so he could freaking cool down.

Though there is also the guy she dances with. I do hope sincerely that this isn’t going to be a freaking love triangle or I may just drop the book. While dancer dude has gained a bit more of my liking, I still don’t like him fully. Oh dear, it became a slight love triangle and I guess Valerie was too absorbed in everything to notice. I actually feel sorry for that guy. While he was a bit of a dick at the beginning I really started to like him.

Haha, her playing the guitar.. or trying and saying this: “Yeah, I need some backup, or maybe an exorcism.” Sounds fair, given what I know about guitar playing and how it can mess your fingers.
I loved seeing her play and Jake/Jack helping her along the way. I loved her proud moments and how she eagerly shared them with her dog or with Jake/Jack. I loved that the two girls formed a band over a phone, and practised that way. Though I can only imagine the phone bill. 😛

I loved their first concert and how they stumbled through it, but still seemed to do fairly well for beginners. OK, they still hurt people’s ears, but they were trying their best and it is amazing what they learned in 2 months.

And then they became super awesome and I just ADORED their lyrics, their energy, everything. I would love to be there just like those are women and rock my socks off. I loved their tour during the summer, it was just perfection.

The ending just had me smiling and I am glad that the author ended the GN with this. I would have still liked to see what happened to Kat, but I am happy we get to see most of the characters or learn about them and what happened after.

Can I say that I really appreciate the parents? Like so much? They were a bit strict at times (like with the condoms stuff), but they really seemed to be open to what their kid wanted, and eventually also become more open to what she wants. They supported her. They saw that she was happy with her singing, and that she was good at it.

I am also a big fan of the art. It is just so fun and punk!

All in all, I loved this book so much. Sorry for my chaotic review, but I am sure it still conveys my feelings just right. I would highly recommend this book.

Star rating, 5 stars

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