Review for Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire

Review for Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire

Once Upon A Dragon's Fire, Beatrice Blue, Dragon, Children, Fantasy, Magic, Reading, Picture Book, Gorgeous, CuddlingI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love books about dragons and magic so of course I had to try this one. Plus, come on that cover is just absolutely WOW. And the Ex: Libris/first page is also just wow and I would love to see that in a physical copy, ah darn it. 🙂 Oh, and now that I finished the book, I also want that last page. OMG. I just need to get this book. Yep. Definitely. Mehsi is buying this book when it comes out. It is decided.

In this world there is no fire… but there is a dragon. Everyone is afraid of him… well with the exception of two children, Freya and Sylas. They love reading about the dragon, they love enacting the dragon’s behaviour. I just loved seeing these two characters be close and not be afraid. And they became even braver when things went truly south and they decided to armour up and get to the dragon. Which had me squeeing in delight and also laughing a bit because of their outfits which looked strong.. but I knew they probably made them themselves out of things lying around. Still, kudos. I wish you all well.

And then they meet the dragon, and it was just as I expected. That is all that I will say. It was a pretty dragon, I just adored the design and the colours, and well everything. And then later the colours changed due to something and I was just WOWed.

The ending was warm, firey, fluffy, and wonderful and I was just so delighted, not just for our dragon but also for the people in the little village.

The art was just WOW. WOW. And did I mention WOW? It was gorgeous and I would love more art by this artist.

All in all, a warm, magical and colourful book about dragons, fire, and stories. Recommended to all.

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