Review for Pugtato Finds a Thing

Review for Pugtato Finds a Thing

Pugtato Finds a Thing, Sophie Corrigan, Pug, Potato, Vegetables, Animals, Farm, Annoying characters, Friendship, Picture Book, Children's Books, Pots, Flower pots, Digging, DirtI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adore pugs and this is a pug that is a potato? Sign me up! Plus, I was definitely curious about what he finds and what he will do with it. But after reading it I can tell it was cute… but that was it.

Let’s start at the beginning where we meet our pugtato (he is so adorable) and see him dig around and dig up something very shiny. I really loved what he found and wouldn’t mind having something like that on a shelf in my home. I loved that he decided to ask his friends. I loved that his friends were all vegetable animals and had delightful puns on their names (Croccoli, Collieflower). I loved the designs and the illustrations of the animals. The ending was cute. I liked seeing the garden and who and what lived there.

But I didn’t like the repetitiveness of it all. It was just veggie animal after veggie animal after veggie animal. I would have rather seen the Pugtato figure things out himself instead of asking his friends. Or maybe having him first question it himself a bit more before asking a select group of his friends. I would have liked to see his friends treat this new thing with more care. Quite often they just yanked it from Pugtato’s hands without a freaking care in the world. That is not how friends do things, and if they do? Maybe find new friends. Friends treat things with respect.

As you can see I am a bit mixed up on this book. On the one hand there were things I enjoyed… but the things I didn’t enjoy did pull down the fun of the book by quite a bit. So I am going to be rating this one 2.5 stars.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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