Review for Q

Review for Q

Secrets, Q, Christina Dalcher , Yellow, Black, Dystopia, Sci-Fi,Welcome to a world where it matters how smart you are… but there are dark secrets..

I absolutely love LOVED Vox which was the author’s first book and so when I saw she had a new book out with another dystopian setting… I knew I had to get it. And holy wow this one was just amazing in many ways.

At first we see just the Q and what it is, but later on with events happening we see that it all really parallels to Nazi Germany and how they wanted to eradicate everyone who didn’t fit their correct image (so people with mental health problems, LGBT, diverse people, and others). It was a really interesting and WOW read though at times I was shaking my head. I do love that this all takes place in the US, though I would have loved seeing some more reactions from outside as it seems Q doesn’t exist there. Q was quite interesting and also how it affected all the various aspects in life. It didn’t just affect things like buying items at a supermarket, but also school, family life, and more. If one of your family got less points it would affect the whole family.

Things seem to go OK at first (well, as OK as you would call the whole Q program I guess), but quite soon things go strange when kids that previously did well at school are dumped to the yellow school busses, which means… a school far far away from everyone and everything. And the things that happen there.. OH MAN.

I did feel for our MC, though I wish she had picked the right road earlier. Her husband is such a URGHHH character and while I can understand that the consequences for leaving are big… I still wanted her to do the right thing. Not just for her, but also for her daughters.

I loved that our MC wasn’t pure or OK at times, like so many protagonists do in books. We see she has quite a bit to do with the system, though mostly stems from her high school years. I love that the author shows us this and gives us an insight on how it all started.

Oma (LOVE THAT as that is what I call my grandparents) was an amazing character, poor lady that she sees things happening again, and I can imagine given all that she wants to be on the right side this time. I do feel for her that no one believes her, then again, given that we do read that she has changed stuff about the stories before (though probably to protect herself) I can imagine people wondering if she is ranting or telling the truth.

Things get really hairy nearer to the end, while I found her decision to that dumb… I can also see why she did it.

The ending felt a bit short, a bit rushed, a bit too soon, but I am still happy with it as we do get some sort of conclusion to the story and to the situation in America.

All in all, a fantastic read, I am glad that this book exists and I do hope that the author will keep on writing stories like this.

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