Review for The Cat Ate My Gymsuit

Review for The Cat Ate My Gymsuit

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit, Purple, Shorts, Young Adult, Teaching, Teacher, Weight, Abuse, Bad Home Situation, Paula DanzigerA fun book, though if it wasn’t for things like the Pledge and junior high I would have thought this was set in the UK. 😛

I was looking around for a new book featuring camps and I stumbled upon this series. Sadly, I couldn’t find the book about camping, but I did find the first book. dances

The writing style, the setting, it just felt very British. So I was at times a bit confused when things popped up that showed us we were clearly in the US.

This was a fun book though I do hope that Marcy becomes a bit more secure and happy in her body as she kept going on and on about her weight constantly. Though I did love the silly excuses she made up and how her teacher just allowed them. I did like that she got more brave and enthusiastic about things. That she stood up for herself. That she knew that she was destined for more. A lot of thanks goes to that new teacher who really brought a lot of kids out of their shells and showed them that they were awesome.

I wasn’t a fan of the father and how he acted towards his family, but the mom was also just meh. I would definitely have either sought help or got a divorce if my husband would treat our kids that way and also me. I am glad that in the end it did seem she decided more for herself and saw that maybe she needed to step up a bit more.

The principal, holy wow. How did he ever get to be at a school? Again, I will stick with what I said in previous reviews featuring teachers or principals who hate kids, some people should NOT be at a certain job. If you can’t handle kids? Don’t work at a school or any other place with them.

I loved the English teacher she was amazing and I love how she cared about her students. I didn’t realise not doing the Pledge was such a big deal. Then again, I live in the Netherlands and we don’t need to say anything to start the day. So I don’t get the whole fuss about it and didn’t understand why she was being threatened to be fired because of it. It seemed very silly and over the top to me.

I also love Joel and Marcy together, though I had hoped for more romance.

But all in all, I need more of this series. Just a shame it is hard to find. I barely could find this one. Wish me luck that I one day find the rest of the series!

Star rating, 5 stars

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