Review for The Ghouls of Howlfair

Review for The Ghouls of Howlfair

The Ghouls of Howlfair, Urban Legends, Ghosts, Horror, Fantasy, Children's Books, Moon, Castle, Girl, Night, Aunt, Family, Monsters, Monster-Hunters, Nick TomlinsonA spooky town, tons of secrets, ghouls, secret pasts, and more.

When I spotted this book at the library I just knew I would like it, and I was correct! There were a few things that were not to my liking, but mostly I just wanted more and more.

Molly was at times super amazing and I loved her and how she just found all the things, but at times I found her a bit too much and it seemed that she just couldn’t give a damn about the people she may or may not hurt. How she treated her best friend (who even climbed into her house and safe-guarded her stuff) was also not the best, but I did see some friendship shine through.
I did have a bit of a laugh at her clumsiness which was really next level. Not just bumping into things.. but literally breaking everything around her. 😛
Plus, I just love girls who read and especially do so when walking. And who raid their libraries, just like I do.

The mom was eh. Sorry, but your kid NEEDS a space to call her room, you cannot just let her sleep in a bathtub? It is great that the lady wants that room, but sorry, your kid is more important. I also wasn’t a fan of how she treated Molly, and I could clearly see why Molly acted the way she did. Later on she softened and got a bit more sweeter, and we could see that she clearly cared. But it was at times hard to see. Also, I do think it was just mean of her to cut off access to the library. Wow. Just no.

Also who the actual hell puts TORCHES in a museum? LIT TORCHES? Hello? That is just asking for it to go wrong in many ways. You don’t put fire in a museum.

I was shaking my head at the reveal of what the father liked, I can assure you we heavy metal fans are a friendly sort, at least those that I met. I did like the reference to Iron Maiden (skeletal figure with a flag).

All those ghouls just brought big Black Rock Shooter vibes to me with their glowing blue eyes. 😛 Just like the ghouls BRS also has a left blue eye. MMMM.
Black Rock Shooter, GIF, Blue Eye, Flames, Girl

Carl, oh man. Carl… that is all I will say for now.

The secrets were great and I was transported to this fun and spooky town.

Oh man I just had so so much fun reading this one and before I knew it I finished the book. I want more of Howlfair and I do think that there is definitely potential for more books. We need more information on the history’s town, a certain person is still missing, and I could go on. So please, please, give us more!

Star rating, 4 stars

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