Review for The Haunting of Tabitha Grey

Review for The Haunting of Tabitha Grey

The Haunting of Tabitha Grey, Haunted HOuse, GIrl, Shadow, Window, Vanessa Curtis, Young Adult, Brother, Family, Cheating, Haunting, Spooky, HorrorTabitha moves into a beautiful new home… but finds out that things go bump in the night. And day.

A very spooky ghost story and I am glad I decided on re-reading it. I wish I could have finished it yesterday (August 20th) as I just had 60 pages left after one and a half hours of reading, but I just was too tired (and it was way too late). So today for breakfast it was the right time to continue!

The house was just spooky and NOPE as hell, I mean slit-eyes ghosts? NO THANK YOU. Weird smells. Nope. Weird shapes flashes past you in the shadows? WELP NO. And no one believes you (which is a really tiring trope, especially given what we find out later). I loved reading about the house, about the dark corners, the spooky things that went on, the graves in the backyard, the little pet cemetery, the bells. Shadows lurking. The author did an amazing job on writing the creepy parts. While everyone treats Tabitha like she is off her rocker, I knew that what she saw was true. We see that during some of the more NOPE moments she also gets heavy nosebleeds, poor girl. At first things just happen in the house, and Tabitha is mostly safe in the flat in the house. But after a while we see that things go from OK to NOPE even there.

Next to the haunting we see that her parents struggle. We her father flirt with the receptionist (bah) and even more than that. We see how mom is struggling with staying alive as she is dealing with depression. There are hints to something that happened before the events of this book.
A warning for cheating. I would have divorced if my husband did that, I just wouldn’t be able to trust him. Thanks to my ex who cheated on me twice, now I just don’t believe cheaters can be trustful any more. Who is to say that when the next hot person hops by they won’t go for it?

I had a big suspicion about Ben from quite early on, I am not sure if it is because I read the book 8 years ago, or if it just was that obvious, but either way, I was looking forward to that reveal… and if Tabitha knows. Later on in the last part of the book we find out what happened to poor Ben…

I have to say the ending was a bit lacklustre, it just felt a bit incomplete. But I do get the meaning behind it. It just felt as if it came out of nowhere. But I am happy with it, happy for the family. Happy for Tabitha.

But all in all, this is one of my favourite books and I even updated my rating to be 5+ stars as it definitely deserves it. Sometimes I re-read books and find out that I like them less, this one I just liked more. I cannot wait to read it again in a couple of years.

I would highly recommend this spooky book to all.

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