Review for The Secret of Cold Hill

Review for The Secret of Cold Hill

The Secret of Cold Hill, House on Cold Hill #2, Peter James, Hauntings, Gore, Spooky, Horror, Haunted House, Multiple POV, Blue, Fence, House, Red LettersBeautiful homes… with a dark past and even spookier events.

I was on vacation when I spotted this book at my vacation library there. I was immediately excited as I just love love love haunted house stories and this one sounded epic. I did find out when I got back to the camping site and got access to my laptop that this is the second book in a series. Still I just wanted to read so I just hoped for the best. 😛 In the end I can say that I didn’t really feel spoiled at all, sure we do read who dies in the first book… but I don’t mind that as it is pretty apparent from the start that people will just die if they live on this street.

Kid, Car, Doom, Die, Boy, Blood, GIF, You are all going to die

We see right from the start that something is up with this house. People see things, the realtor is acting sketchy as hell, and more. Still the people buy the house, while I was just screaming to NOT DO IT. They quickly have things happening to them, from exploding microwaves to cold spots to tvs going on. There are some times when things are normal, but those are quickly followed by moments that you just want to hide.

The ending was a tad confusing but also HOLY WOW and I do love how it ended (which had me disliking that realtor even further).

The ghosts are creepy, there is some gore, the haunting stuff is WELP NOPE. I won’t spoil anything, but it was so so creepy that goosebumps were everywhere.

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I liked that we got both the families POV, though I was mostly a fan of Jason/Emily, the other couple reminded me a bit to much of the woman from Keeping up appearances (Hyacinth) only than more annoying. 😛

But something was just missing. I did have a tremendous fun time reading it and I was spooked out at multiple points… but when Emily kept saying something didn’t happen, Jason wasn’t believed, and they just puttered on despite things.. not to mention we didn’t get a whole lot of backstory on WHY things were happening. We do get some hints, but other than that… not much. I had expected something grand and exciting, not something that felt like an afterthought.

I definitely do want to read the first book and see if there is more to the haunting stuff in there. I do know what happens to the characters, but I don’t mind. I reserved the book at Library #2 (which is the only library that has it apparently) and hope to pick it up on Sunday.

Star rating, 4 stars

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