Review for The Tea Dragon Tapestry

Review for The Tea Dragon Tapestry

The Tea Dragon Tapestry, Tea Dragon Society, Dragons, Blacksmith, Test, Children's Books, LGBT, Romance, Fantasy, Magic, Multiple POV, Dragons, Red, Kites, Forest, Path, Girls, Gorgeous, Katie O'NeillI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OOOHHHHHHHHH squee I am so delighted that this series is still going strong and that we get more stories about old and new characters. I just had to click request and a big thank you to Oni Press for approving my request! You made my day.

Just like the previous books this one will be a bit of a mix of thoughts while I am reading + afterthoughts. It is a bit chaotic, but my mind is a bit fried at the moment after a busy day.

From the start we have Minette and Greta! We see some cute dragons, see that Greta is working hard at the blacksmith with her very adorable coal spirit (I would love one). Greta is worried about Ginseng, and I could definitely understand. He looks so sad and lacklustre and I was wondering what was wrong with the little fella. It couldn’t be Greta, she is taking care of him so well. Throughout the story we see various things being tried to cheer Ginseng up/get him back to health and happiness. For her to come over the loss of her old owner and accept Greta. I was just in tears at times as nothing seemed to work. Not to mention other parts that I can’t really talk about.. because spoilers. It was just very emotional.

We meet Kleitos, an old bull who is apparently very interested in Greta. I was delighted to see that he had a test for her, and that there was talk about apprenticeship. OMG, that would be so great for Greta. Though… if everything continues would she be able to leave her home?
I loved seeing Greta and her mom talk, about the apprenticeship, about her mom’s work, what to make for the test (I was so curious what she would make). I also loved seeing Greta’s mom’s work. Can I please wear that armour?

Next up Minette (who is just as sleepy as her dragon) has a dream and can I just say that I loved her dress in there. She was just so gorgeous. And she has more dreams, and she will have dreams throughout the book. Dreams that were at first a bit confusing to me but later on get explained. I could see why they hurt Minette. I could also understand her feelings. Of feeling lost. Homesick, but also not. I am glad that she has people around her with whom she could talk about that.

I just love all the Hesekiel and Erik moments. Those are just so pure and soft. I am happy we got so many of them. They are definitely my favourite couple.

I was delighted that Rinn and Aedhan from book 2 come to visit as well! cheers They were so cute together and I loved reading their conversations and seeing their interactions. So happy they are doing well and are having a good time together.

The ending was such a delight and it definitely sets the tone for more! I so hope this series continues. The art was just a feast for the eyes and I enjoyed it very much. I would highly recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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