Review for Unfamiliar Familiars

Review for Unfamiliar Familiars

Unfamiliar Familiars, Megan Lynn Kott, Justin DeVine, White, Sloth, Broom, Familiars, Witches, Magic, Humour, Funny, Fantasy, Animals, Guide, Flowchart, IllustrationsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Sorry, but how can one just resist a sloth upside down on a broom? Raise your hands, if you dare. No one, good! Plus, I love that this book is about familiars and seemingly not about the standard you generally have (cats, dogs, demons in some form, rats, snakes), but about all sorts of familiars.

I had a big laugh at the introduction and how the author told you about two ways to find your perfect familiar. One meant maiming the book into a swan and sending it on its way and what came back would be perfect for you. Or you could just not harm the book and follow the flowchart. While I was tempted (shock face) to try out origami, I couldn’t as this book is an ebook. 😛 The flowchart it is, though I have to say I think that one would also have worked better in normal book as now I see one page each time and have to remember my spot.

Before I decided to just casually stroll through the book and check out all the familiars I decided to follow the flowchart and see what animals I would get. First try, Sunbear! I do love Sunbears so I was delighted this one was my first animal. I do love the sun and love being outside. Next up I tried following another path to see what my familiar would be if I had picked another route. Next up was a Burrowing Owl, awww! Yes! That one also fitted me. In the summer all I wear if I am outside are sandals. Plus I just love owls!

Now I knew what the flowchart would grant me, I decided to check the book itself and scroll through seeing if I could find more animals which may be a familiar to me.
I loved how each animal has various parts to explain about the animal. From what kind of witch the animal partners (which at times feature hilarious things like this one on the Axolotls (Witches who cry during insurance commercials) well with to suggested names (from cute names to hilarious ones to very serious ones) to elements and more. It was great fun to get so much information and to read all about the animals. Each animal also has an illustration and I just Love the style, it really fitted the animals and I just wanted to reach out and pet a couple of them (never pet bees though :P).

All in all, I would highly recommend this fun and delightful book to all. I am sad that I reached the ending, I wouldn’t have minded many more familiars and reading all about them. Hopefully one day we will get more from these two authors. crosses fingers

Star rating, 5 stars

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