Review up for Hilda and the Great Parade + Hilda and the Nowhere Space

Review up for Hilda and the Great Parade + Hilda and the Nowhere Space

Hilda and the Great Parade, Hilda, Fantasy, Children's Books, Scouts, Fantasy, Magic, Orange, Trolls, Elves, Town, City, Lindeworm, Raven, Friendship, Mystery, Single ParentingThis is a review for both these wonderfully fun books about Hilda and her adventures.

I am so loving these books as they combine the GN story with Netflix along with new elements and a slightly different story. I am delighted as this means I got three means of getting my Hilda fix, I just love this series so much. I cannot wait for new books and new seasons. I wrote a short-ish review for both books.

Hilda and the Great Parade: Star rating, 4.5 stars: This was a feast to read as there were some differences from the animated show. How she found the Raven. And more. It definitely had me delighted that there are so many Hilda stories and how they all have similarities but also differences. I love Hilda, she is a sweet adventurous girl though she may need to learn not everyone grows up in the wild. 😛 I did agree with her fully on the teacher and as I said before, some people shouldn’t be teachers. I had lots of giggles while reading the story and I love Hilda and her mom’s relationship! I do hope that Frida and David and Hilda become better friends.. because things were really stilted between them at times. And is it me or is Frida even more obnoxious about learning than normal? I cannot remember her being this much in the animated series..
I loved how all the stories came together as one and formed one big story.

Hilda and the Nowhere Space, Purple, Luke Pearson, Stephen Davies, Seaerra Miller, Giant, Tent, Camping, Hound, Moon, Girls, Boy, Climbing, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery, Secrets, Single Parenting, Adventure, Children's Books, HildaHilda and the Nowhere Space: Star rating, 4.5 stars: The next Hilda book for me and I love how the story is still very recognisable but also different enough. I did feel sorry for Hilda again that she tried so hard for badges but didn’t manage any of them. Poor girl. And she does such awesome things and knows such things, but I guess that is not in lines with and rules of the scouts, which is just a shame. I loved the hound, I loved the poker and what happened after, I loved the marra (yes, despite how mean the girls are I still love it and that this is where nightmares come from in this world, and to see them discuss it around a campfire, like we humans would tell scary stories. I am delighted that we see our awesome librarian again and see her be totally awesome again with finding books without Hilda having said anything (we so need a book from the librarian’s pov). I had fun seeing Hilda settle in the town/city and learn how to do things there. Which include her bike.
The nisse were also fun, though I wasn’t a fan of Hilda’s nisse as she just stole things. Stealing is just a no no in my book.

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