Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 16-8-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 16-8-2020

Hi all!

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Welcome back to a brand-new, normal Sunday’s TBR Updates. My vacation is pretty much over, I guess I could still count today. 😛

My last vacation week flew by, just one little thing that wasn’t too fun was the infection on my leg. I got bitten by something (with camping you never know) and my leg said a clear no. Thankfully, I could visit the doctor on Sunday and he prescribed antibiotics (which I am still taking for another 5 days). But yeah, the last vacation days were mostly just me resting and my leg up on a chair. But it was still a fun week, I read plenty, watched some Netflix, hobbled to the showers (and later in the week to the lake again) for some coolness because heatwave of doom.

Since I am sure you are curious what I read from my last vacation TBR I will list them here: Howlfair (a pretty great read with tons of spookiness, but also an MC who was a bit eh at times), Stitchers (spooky and exciting though I wasn’t a fan of Mike), All the Bad Apples (the past parts were amazing, wasn’t a fan that much of the now parts), Bad Mermaids meet Sushi Sisters (a funny and hilarious read with new mermaids and new adventures), Camp (LOVED LOVED LOVED IT), Hilda and the Nowhere Space (this was a fun and cute read with tons of adventure), Good Girl Bad Blood (ohhh my GOSH, I loved it), Q (amazing read, really makes you think, though the ending could have been better).

And here is what I hope to read this week. I got plenty of things left from the library, so I am planning on reading those. Not listed are the books I would like to read from Netgalley, I kind of went on a read now/request spree, oops.

We have reached the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates, thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful week. May it be filled with books. <3

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