Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-8-2020 ~ Vacation Edition

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-8-2020 ~ Vacation Edition

Afternoon everyone,

Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Still a Vacation Edition!

The first week just FLEW by. Wow. I thought it may go a bit slower as we cannot do as much as we normally do on vacation, but before I knew it it was weekend. This week was a delight. We did a couple of bicycle rides (no clue about the first one, but the second was 25-30km and the other was 40+km), I swam a couple of times in the lake (when it wasn’t too busy), read a lot. It was a great week and I cannot wait what next week will bring.
I read from what I brought with me/my TBR pile that I showed you guys last week + some books I got on Monday.

This week I read the following from my TBR Pile: Attack of the Meteor Monsters (a delight to read and I laughed so much), Toto the Ninja Cat (such a great and adventurous read and I love Toto and her brother), The Secret of Platform 13 (the mistaken identity was just annoying, but the rest was magical and I cannot wait to read the next book), The Cat Ate My Gymsuit (a good read with a character who grows immensely), Hilda and the Great Parade (ah, so much fun, I loved the little changes and I loved reading about Hilda’s adventures again), Fake Trip (OK-ish, but there were some things I wasn’t happy with and plotlines that ended up dead).

This is my new stack!

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