Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-8-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-8-2020

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a brand-new Sunday’s TBR Updates! I still can’t believe a whole week has passed since my vacation ended. shocked

This week was… well not the best. My antibiotics didn’t really work together with one of the medicines/stuff I use.. and well I was in pain pretty much all week and had to take it really easy. Hopefully next week I can do a lot of things again. crosses fingers But good news, I am so happy that the weather seems to get to cooler temperatures again, because 2+ weeks of 28+ C temperatures = NOPE, there is this nice breeze now + rain.
It was quite a nice reading week, I did decide to not read some of the books to save them up until I had new supplies from my libraries.

What did I read from my TBR pile this week? Meester paardenpoep (fun and I loved what the kids did for that horse), Rotterdam (Georgien Overwater did it again, I loved seeing Rotterdam through her eyes), Bollie & Billie both (funny, though at time the dog is just too much), De Tweede Wereldoorlog in 100 foto’s (shocking, wow, no words), Pokko heeft een trommel (this was just one of my favourite reads, the art was just gorgeous), Het spijt me (a cute book about friendship and saying sorry).

Here is a brand-new stack! Featuring books from last week, new books from my library hauls, and even a new book from the stack of books that got delivered yesterday.

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Thank you for reading! That is the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates, I can’t wait to see what this upcoming will bring. I want to wish all my readers a happy week!

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