Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 9-8-2020 ~ Vacation Edition

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 9-8-2020 ~ Vacation Edition

Afternoon all!

Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR updates! The last vacation edition, next week I will be home again. Vacation is just flying by!

This week was HOT HOT AND HOT. Which meant that I tried reading… but didn’t have a lot of success due to just melting away and trying to get through the day. It was still a good week and I am glad that at least it isn’t raining, but I do wish for a bit colder weather. This week I read from the pile… but I also read a couple of other books that were on the Vacation TBR in general. I just was more in the mood for some children’s books.

What did I read from my vacation TBR pile? As I Descended (which was just as awesome as the first time I read it, back when it came out. Haunting, spooky.), 172 Hours on the Moon (another re-read and HOLY WOW again, this was spooky, creepy, welp we are dead), Twenty Guys You Date in Your Twenties (funny and relatable and I loved reading the stories and the extras), The Bolds (a Xmas activity book which I just loved with interviews and more), The Funny Life of Sharks (OMG, this was just too hilarious, though also a tad chaotic).

I tried and dropped: Once and For All (wanted to give this one another shot… and once again I got stuck, now it is going on the bye bye stack when I get home), It Started With a Secret (I think I should just keep reading Jill Mansell in Dutch, it just works better).

Here are new books that I hope to read before my vacation is over. But with the heat… you never know I get to reading them all. crosses fingers I still got a couple more books left in the box I probably won’t read, but that is OK, I will be reading them after my vacation, I am glad I brought this many books with me.

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