What Did Read During My Vacation 2020?

What Did Read During My Vacation 2020?

Hello all!

Mehsi is back again! I hope you all enjoyed all the vacation posts that were posted! The three weeks sure flew by!

This year I couldn’t really do much except stay at the camping and relax, sleep, read, do some other things. We only went off the campsite a couple of times if we needed something. Other than that, we didn’t want to risk it. But it was still a very good vacation and a very relaxing one. I finally could eat some ice cream which didn’t come from my freezer, as there is a small snackbar (not sure if that is also the English word) which sold ice cream (including NUT FREE cornettos dances). The first week was slow, but after that it just flew by. The weather was just a bit too hot for me (especially since you cannot go anywhere, normally we would go to museums or other places that are cool :P) with almost 2 weeks of 30+ temperatures. Thankfully, we could visit the lake when it was calm (morning/evening) and the showers were also nearby so I popped in for a very cold freezing shower a couple of times a day.

This year again I brought my box of books with me. Which was a mix of my hubbies books and mine. I have been saving for books for a couple of weeks before my vacation, which isn’t easy, but definitely makes vacation Mehsi happy as she got plenty to read.

Like previous years I take plenty of books with me, but I don’t read them all. This for various reasons, the books just aren’t for me (mostly goes for my library books) or I am not in the mood for it. But I don’t mind having some duds in my book box because now I got at least plenty to try out.

STATS: I read 48 books (I should say 49… but I I am just not getting that ebook done). 25 books were library (either from what I brought with me or borrowed at my vacation library), 23 were my own books. I was on vacation for 21 days and I read 48 books which means and average of 2.2 books a day. My total page count is 8492 which means an average of 176.9 pages per book!

So here are my pictures again, crown = read while stars = dnf/tried didn’t like it.

Also if you want to see my other books (the vacation library books) see my shelf for it here.

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