Blog Tour ~ Bloodfire Academy by Alexis Calder ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Bloodfire Academy by Alexis Calder ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Morning all!

Bloodfire Academy, Purple, Blue, Black, Woman, Magic, Fantasy, Curse Magic #1, Alexis Calder, Shifters, Incubus, Mage, School, Romance

A magical welcome to the Blog Tour for Alexis Calder’s Bloodfire Academy! Shifters, magic, romance, and more. Oh my goodness!

For today’s post I got an excerpt from the book, a giveaway (INT, so go go!), and of course book/author information.

Let’s get this tour started~

Bloodfire Academy, Purple, Blue, Black, Woman, Magic, Fantasy, Curse Magic #1, Alexis Calder, Shifters, Incubus, Mage, School, RomanceWhen things go sideways, what a girl really needs by her side is a sexy wolf shifter, a steamy incubus, and a smoldering mage. Prove me wrong.
Everyone has heard of Bloodfire Academy. It’s an elite school that takes the best of the best in the supernatural world. The students at Bloodfire are the children of members of a secret order. Think Illuminati but for the magical world. But even more powerful.
Membership is inherited and it turns out my late mother was one of them. Who knew? Up until now, magic hasn’t really been my thing. But a girl can fake it, am I right?
There’s no faking it when I meet the sexy wolf shifter, steamy incubus, and smoldering mage. Seriously, this semester is going to be hot.
Then the attacks start. I thought I could figure out the magic part, but nobody said anything about monsters. Turns out Bloodfire Academy is more about survival than GPA.
Publisher’s Note: Cursed Magic is a full length, steamy, new adult paranormal academy romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose. This is book one of three in the Bloodfire Academy series.

Buy the book here: Amazon

About the author:

Alexis Calder, Faerie, Woman, Wings, Logo, Tattoos, RedAlexis Calder writes sassy heroines and sexy heroes with a sprinkle of sarcasm. She lives in the Rockies and drinks far too much coffee and just the right amount of wine.

Find her here:  


My whole body is on fire and the sound of the party is eclipsed by the pounding of my heart in my ears. It’s the most intense kiss I’ve ever experienced and I want more.
Ethan’s lips are powerful and hungry. I press into it, my whole body against his. One of his hands is on the back of my head while the other begins to explore my body. It slides down my back, to my hips and up to my breast. As he brushes against my bra, I moan into his mouth.
I’m ready to rip his clothes off right here but manage to break the kiss before I let myself go too far. Panting, I stare up into his hooded eyes. I know he’s just as desperate as I am.
“My room?” I manage.
He grabs my hand and the two of us tear through the crowd, not caring who we bump into. My skin is tingling and my panties are already soaked. My one time with a guy had been fumbled and awkward and over in minutes. I’d been curious and it was more about sating that than making love.
I know with Ethan it’ll be different. I already know it’s for real. While lust thrums through me, making me feel a little light headed, this isn’t just about sex. This is more than that. There’s something driving us together and I know neither of us can ignore it anymore.
I’m in a fog by the time we make it to my room and when I struggle to get the key into my door, Ethan takes over, expertly getting us in. He’s good with his hands. Steady despite the fact that I can tell his heart is beating faster too. Which makes no sense, but I know it’s true.
We don’t even make it to the bedroom before our lips meet again. This time, I don’t hold back. My hand slides up his shirt and the feel of his warm skin against my fingertips sends a thrill through me that makes me shudder.
Ethan helps me remove his shirt and quickly removes mine. Our lips only apart for seconds while we help each other undress.
I’m grabbing for every inch of him I can, running my fingers down his chest, over his firm shoulders, down his back. His hands do the same, exploring my stomach, my hips, my breasts.
Ethan pulls away from the kiss, breathing heavy. We stare at each other for a few heartbeats and anticipation pools low in my belly. It’s as if the air got thicker and everything feels slower and more intentional.
I wait a moment longer.
Ethan growls. A low, animalistic sound that makes my breath hitch and my toes curl.

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