Library Haul 27-9-2020 (Library #3 with a dash of Library #2)

Library Haul 27-9-2020 (Library #3 with a dash of Library #2)

Evening all!

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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! A big welcome to my Library Haul for Library #3… and also a new small stack for Library #2.

While I still had a week to go before I actually had to visit, I decided to go today. This past week Corona has been making a big comeback, the second wave is apparently here. And the news has been full about stricter measures, maybe even lockdown. I wanted to get some books so I have something to read. I still had 2 books at home which meant I could bring 10 books with me.

When I first started looking for books I didn’t find a lot, so I thought maybe the haul would end up quite small. There were barely any new books at the children’s/YA books and the ones there not interesting. But thankfully I found a lot of books when I checked the new books tables again (no clue how I missed the books the first time).

But Mehsi, didn’t you go to Library #2 yesterday? Yes, yes I did. But yesterday when I was in the car on the way home I noticed that there was a reservation waiting for me. Since the librarian checked for me after she checked out all my books, I guess this one popped up right after I left. My hubby suggested he would get them on Wednesday as he had some appointments then and would need to stop working earlier anyway, but today while on our way home from Library #3 he asked if Library #2 was open today. I said yes, and he asked if I wanted to go. Of course I do! And next to the reservation I picked up a couple of other books as I still had room for a few. Thanks hubby!

STATS: 10 books for Library #3. 5 non-fiction, 3 graphic novels, 2 fiction. 5 books for Library #2. 4 non-fiction, 1 fiction.

NOTE: Quite a few of these aren’t on GR, I will add them and the links to this post when I get to reading them.

Geen tijdelijk verblijf by Servaas Maturbongs
Plantage Wildlust by Tessa Leuwsha
Bakvis in oorlogstijd by Miep Diesel
De moedermaffia by Anita Terpstra
Kamerplanten by Kay Maguire
De Schat van de Black Swan by Paco Roca, Guillermo Corral
Formidable Fabels by Ellie Woollard
Meisje in Dior by Annie Goetzinger
Huidhonger en andere ongemakken by Michiel van de Pol
Leeuwen op de Coolsingel by Paul van de Laar

Jong Gehekst is oud Gedaan by Colleen Cross
Mijn recepten by London Loy
In 4 stappen by Bernadette Gervais
Ezelsvel by Cécile Roumiguière, Alessandra Maria
Allemaal gezinnen by Felicity Brooks

2 thoughts on “Library Haul 27-9-2020 (Library #3 with a dash of Library #2)

  1. I love a good haul! It’s been a while since I’ve been to my library because I’ve just been swamped with books I already own (and need to read), but this post is making me want to go tomorrow. Maybe I’ll restrain myself and just check out one or two haha

    1. I would recommend going! You can never have enough books in your life as a bookworm! Haha, one or two? You mean ten or twenty, right? 😛

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