Library Haul 28-9-2020

Library Haul 28-9-2020

Afternoon all!

Welcome to the third Library Haul, this time for Library #1. The 3 mad days of Library visiting have come to an end. 😛 I am all booked up for the coming time, ready just in case the lockdown does happen.

I first wanted to go on Wednesday, but as I have said in the other posts, there may be a lockdown coming. I wanted to visit all my libraries as soon as I could and thankfully I had time today to visit Library #1. I needed some new books in my life!

I still have one book at home (The Royals, which yes, I should read, I will… soon), and I had 3 books I would like to find. That left room for 4 more books. In the end one of the three books proved unfindable so I had room for another book. I am glad I did, because my bag quickly got fuller with books as I kept finding some great books. I am so excited about the Katherine Rundell book about why adults should read children’s book, I have seen the book pop up on Twitter a few times. I hope the Dutch translation works out. Plus, I am happy that they had the new Saskia Noort and Suzanne Vermeer, I love a good thriller and I hope these two wrote another good one.

STATS: 7 books. 2 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Waarom je kinderboeken moet lezen, al ben je oud en wijs by Katherine Rundell
Het betoverde bos by Zanna Davidson
Help, ik ben verliefd by Kaat De Kock
Bonuskind by Saskia Noort
Quotum by Marloes Morshuis
Waterland by Suzanne Vermeer
An Anthology of Intriguing Animals by Ben Hoare

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