Library Haul 5-9-2020

Library Haul 5-9-2020

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a brand-new Library #2 Haul. Not a big one as normal, but I still got plenty of new books to show!

So, I had one book that I could extend the loan on, which made me sad as I didn’t get a chance to read it (my mind still thinks it is August-ish, so I thought I had enough time). Since Library #2 isn’t that close by for me, I don’t want to go for just one book. Thankfully, the past weeks I did read books and so I decided to bring those along as well. Which meant I could get some new books. dances

I had some reservations, 16 in total, but only 2 books were added to the reservation shelves. Today I saw the chaos and I think they need more people to help out. The bookcases they use for newly brought in books were overflowing to the point that people just put the books on other places nearby. The reservation box (for books that you bring back that are reserved)… well I had to stuff my books in there and hope they weren’t spat out again. I do hope that things go back to normal once COVID is over, and not that this is a sign for other things. 🙁

So I wandered around the library to look for my reservations (found most of them) and then to find a couple of books so I would have the max amount of books again in total. It was quite fun to find books again, been a while since I last did that.

I cannot wait to start all these books, they look fantastic. is excited

STATS: 18 books. 4 picture books, 6 non-fiction, 8 fiction.
NOTE: 1 of these isn’t on Goodreads, will add it when I read it. If I don’t forget I will also update the links here.

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111 plekken voor kinderen in Amsterdam by Bas van Lier, Michaël Ferron
Kleuren van Rome by Rosita Steenbeek, Sieb Posthuma
Krabben: van vrouw tot vrouw by Daan Borrel, Milou Deelen
Advocaatje leef je nog? by J.B.M Nijhuis

Puppy kwijt! by Thea Stilton
Game, Set, Match by Thea Stilton
Het geheim van het dierenasiel by Simone Arts
Wonderlijke weetjes en fascinerende feiten over de Egyptenaren by Sarah Devos, Heleen Brulot
Chip & Bos: roborangers by Tineke Honingh
Niet jouw girl by Annette Mierswa
Supernerd of topmodel? by Tessa Schram
Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo
Ridders kussen niet by Jan De Kinder
De kusttram by Davide Cali, Magali Le Huche
Dit is Jeruzalem by Stanislav Setinský
Dierenstad by JOan Negrescolor
Doe die deur dicht! by Koen van Biesen

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