Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 8-9-2020

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 8-9-2020

Hello everyone!

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Welcome to a brand-new feature on my blog! Welcome to a Netgalley TBR Updates!

I saw several bloggers share their Netgalley TBR with people, and I thought I would do the same. I just love to share books after all! I had so much fun planning and thinking this post, making a brand-new and gorgeous banner over at Canva. So hyped!

Normally I would post a screenshot of my TBR over on Twitter, but I think it is time to also share it on here. I am not sure how often this post will pop up, maybe I will do it monthly, maybe I will do it randomly when I get a ton of new books. It all depends on how much Netgalley has. For instance, when I came back from my vacation I had 24 books!!!! But quite often my TBR is around 3-8 books.

Here is my TBR at the moment. Nine books! I brought it really down from the 24 around August 15th, however.. it is going up again! Yep, the curse of Netgalley. You can never have an empty shelf.

Netgalley, TBR, Updates, Reading, Books, Advanced Reading Copies

I am planning on reading the first 5 books soon (this or the next week), the last three books I want to save until it is Halloween as they are really spooky books and would fit perfectly with that month, and then there is I Hope You’re Listening and that one needs to be read by October 16th because that is when my tour stop for the blog is here.

Out of these books I am the most hyped for drumroll 1.It Will Just Be Us, 2. I Hope You’re Listening, 3. The Littlest Yak.

I cannot wait to start reading these books, and I wonder if I can get my TBR to go down some more, or if it goes up even further. I guess I am already happy they don’t add the Harlequin manga any more, because I was addicted to reading those. At times I had 20+ books on my shelves because suddenly there would be tons of new Hm to read.

Thanks all for reading, I hope you like this post, I know I do! I had fun planning this one and sharing it with my readers! Until the next Netgalley TBR Updates~

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