Review for 100 Cats

Review for 100 Cats

Rhyme, Poetry, Michael Whaite, Humour, Funny, Cats, Animals, Lions, Red, 100 Cats, Picture Book, Children's Books, CuteMichael White is back with a new 100 animals book, this time 100 cats!

After the wonderful and hilarious 100 Dogs I am delighted that there is now a 100 Cats book! I was definitely doing a happy dance when I spotted it at the library. I just love cats, though I am allergic to them (so sad).

This one is a wonderfully and delightful funny book with several small, but also big cats. All sorts of cats make their appearance and they are all doing something cat-like. Like clawing your couch, being stuck in a tree, there is a meme cat, careless cat, and many many more cats. I just laughed so much while reading this one as it was just so silly and funny. I loved seeing all the different kind of cats, there is so much variety in them. We see Siamese cats, tabby cats. I love that the author went did so much research to give each cat their own appearance fitting with what real life cats would look like. I hope that makes sense. 🙂

I guess I will have to read this one again as at the end page we get the question if we found the author’s cat. While I did see him on the last page, I wonder if that one counts or if that little kitty is somewhere else as well.

Just like the 100 Dogs the book is in rhyme and I just love how dynamic and fun it made the book!

All in all, I do hope that the author will do another book featuring animals as I want more! I would also recommend this book to everyone looking for a light and funny read with cute cats and sweet art.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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