Review for Animal City

Review for Animal City

Animal City, Joan Negrescolor, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Colourful, City, Plants, Buildings, Picture Books, Reading, Story Time, Nature, Children's BooksA beautiful book about a little girl who has her own special place, a ruined city, which she calls animal city.

I read this book in Dutch, but decided to write my review in English. I am so glad that I found this book at the library, I just fell in love with the gorgeous cover. The bright colours. And the question.. what happened to the city?

Even now after reading the book I wonder what happened to the city, is this how it is like in other places around the world? Because it came across as very dystopian. As if people had to abandon everything in a hurry, leaving everything as it was. Just like what you can see in Chernobyl. Since the girl can seemingly read, I am guessing there may be humans left. Maybe even this city had to be abandoned for a reason. But yes, I am confused. I know that I am probably overthinking it, but I cannot help it! XD

Meet our little girl, she is about to go to her favourite place, a place all her friends gather. And no, not human friends, but animals. And the animals have one thing they want our MC to do for them, read them stories. Stories about dragons, about animals, about mysteries, about creepy things. The girl does so with enthusiasm. Along the way we learn that each animal has their preferences and they share one big preference.

I loved that this book is about reading, about literacy, about sharing stories.

It was quite interesting to see the city, to see what was left, and how things were spread around. Again, like people left in a hurry (I need answers!). I love seeing the girl have a great time in the city, either alone or with her friends.

The art was just WOW. I love the colours used, they are so pretty and mix and match so well with each other.

I would definitely recommend this book. It is a really cute and beautiful book.

Star rating, 4 stars

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