Review for Attack of the Meteor Monsters

Review for Attack of the Meteor Monsters

Attack of the Meteor Monsters, Maudlin Towers, Chris Priestley, Blue, Meteor, Sci-fi, Time Travel, Aliens, Boarding School, Children's Books, Humour, Funny, TeachersA fantastical tale with aliens, humour, time travelling that may hurt your brain, friendship, dreadful boarding schools, and more.

I am so delighted that this series gets new books each time, I am definitely looking forward to the next one (and I am wondering what colour it will be, so far we had orange, green, blue, so maybe yellow or purple next?

I had so much fun reading this one and I flew through it. I laughed, I giggled, and yes, I did get a tiny bit of a headache because of the time travelling and how things connected to the other books even further because of that. I just love it when authors do it, gives it a whole new dimension to the book and definitely makes me want to re-read the other books to see if we can see hints to it that we may have not noticed before.

How Stupendo did something Stupido was just hilarious, I could have told the boys that sending him back was a bad idea.

I loved reading how the various aliens got here and how I just had a giggle that no one believed the boys at first because they thought the boys just thought the girls were aliens because that is what boys think at that age. No, I don’t see it a spoiler as you know from the start the girls are not who they say they are, at least for me it was so obvious. I loved the girls and they were so sweet and I do hope that we do see them next time again. I had a big laugh when the boys asked for x and then there reaction to it.

I loved seeing the future and what happens to Maudlin Towers in the future. I hope we see more of Ella as she is one of my favourite characters.

Also I do hope that those two teachers may get together. crosses fingers Though I do hope it won’t end in tragedy.

And just like always, Chris Priestley’s art is awesome!

Now to wait for the next book in this series. I would highly recommend this book, and of course the series, to everyone.

Star rating, 5 stars

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