Review for Cheater Code

Review for Cheater Code

Cheater Code, Games, Gaming, Sex, Erotic, Break-up, Cheating, Fun, Cute, Adorable, Graphic Novel, S.A. Foxe, Daz, Orc, Guys, Cheetah, Romance, LGBT, Water, Beach, Sky, Clouds, Hug, Game ControllerI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Oh boy, I saw this cover and just had to click on read now as I had to have it. Boy oh boy, the first pages were immediately action. fans herself That really set the tone to what the book would give us, and I love it (though I wasn’t fan of the cheating, but I meant the detailed sex parts).

I felt sad for our MC. He comes home from work only to find the love of his life, the guy he has been with for 6 years, having sex in the kitchen with another man. My heart instantly broke for this guy. And I wanted to kick his boyfriend in the nuts. Sorry, but if you don’t have those feelings for someone BE FUCKING honest and don’t FUCK around (literally in this case :P).
While I am happy that his boyfriend talked, I hated his excuses. Why not have talked about these feelings sooner? If you wanted more sex? Talk. If you wanted to do more exercising with your lover? TALK. If you felt your relationship was in a fucking rut, again TALK. Good lord. 😐

I had such a big laugh at the app Ken opened up, FUKR.

I loved that Ken didn’t sit down and gloom and doom, instead he just immediately went for things. Good guy! Don’t let that piece of poo ex let you go in the dumps.

And then the fun really starts when Ken ejaculates on his game console… to be transported to the gaming world. OH MY GOD. I loved that. I am a big lover of games and play a ton of games as well, so I loved seeing which games he got into (Silent Hill (BDSM kind of) for first which made me squee). I loved seeing how he got into each game and how self-aware the characters were. I was definitely curious if he was dreaming (good dreams man) or if he really jizzed up his game console good. ;P

I loved how self-aware each game character was. How they explained stuff, how they guided the MC, and much more. It made for a really fun read. Plus, I just loved seeing each new world and how our MC tried to make the best of things. In the end everything comes together and there was just a big squee when I saw one of my favourite characters appear (a bit more dystopian, plus a bit more like Ken’s boyfriend, and oh yes let’s not forget the dick sword, but still it was him). And yes, in my head I was playing that song along with the scenes that featured him.

Each new character (well most of them) gets plenty of sexy scenes with our MC (not to mention we get to see some other very sexy scenes along the way when we get to the spaceship/space game), and OH WOW. I need some ice cubes after reading those, because they were HOT. Sizzling. Steamy. DETAILED. Which isn’t bad oh no not at all, but the yaoi/shounen ai I have been reading for years wasn’t always this explicit (though some were of course), and I really started reading erotic comics since… well last year. Oh boy.

I loved the last level and I was just enjoying it so so much. I loved that the book ended the way it did, it was truly perfect. I am so happy for Ken. And yes, I am crying a bit. That guy deserves someone special. Someone great. Someone who won’t judge him for gaming.

The art was just amazing and I love the style. The sex scenes were drawn wonderfully.

I would highly recommend this sexy, funny, adventurous graphic novel to everyone.

Star rating, 5 stars

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