Review for Dino-Thanksgiving

Review for Dino-Thanksgiving

Dino-Thanksgiving, Lisa Wheeler, Barry Gott, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Parade, Dinosaurs, Food, Family, Picture Book, Children's Books, Table, Food, Window, Curtains, Various Dinosaurs, TurkeyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I love love love dinosaurs and I love reading about Thanksgiving as that always seems like such a wonderful feast. A combination of both sounds perfect, plus the cover was just the best.

It all starts with the preparations to the feast, we see big and small dinosaurs get groceries, travel to go to family and friends (with airplanes), and then we see each dinosaur make food, have fun, and then the feast starts and boy I wish I could be there. It all looks so good and so yummy and I love how the writer/illustrator made sure that every dinosaur had his own menu, because of course a Triceratops isn’t going to be eating the same as a T-rex.

I just loved that this isn’t just about the meal, but also about the preparations, about sports (didn’t know that was a thing so I learned something new thanks to this book), about family. There is even a bonfire (another thing I didn’t know was a Thanksgiving thing, but oh boy that makes the day even more perfect, mm marshmallows).

Can we have the next book be about what was said on the last page? I would love to see dinosaurs celebrate that!

The art was a bit chaotic, but also very fun. I loved how the dinosaurs were drawn and there were no such thing as those silly feathers. Sorry, I have grown up with dinosaurs being big, angry, and scaly, and now suddenly they are chickens. Meh.

I think this book will make a lot of kids happy. It is about a fun feast but also about dinosaurs!

Star rating, 4 stars

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