Review for Food Faces

Review for Food Faces

Food Faces, Food, Crafts, Lunch, Yummy, Animals, Cat, Dog, Frog, Monkey, Muffins, Fruits, Vegetables, Cute, Deanna F. Cook, Blue, Children's Books, Crafts, Tasty, Picture BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A book with faces made of food? Calm down my stomach! I definitely wanted to try this one and I have to say my stomach is now even more hungry. 😛

I do wonder if the book actually starts were it started at mine? Mine just starts right at the watermelon piggy. No cover of the book. No introduction. It was a bit confusing and I even tried re-downloading it. Oh well. I should be used to files from NG being a bit wonky.

The book is a cute one though! Each two pages feature an animal (sometimes even two). Their faces/heads are made of yummy foods and their bodies and surroundings are scribblies/drawings. I am sure that it will be a delight to, while reading, try to make these animals. There are no instructions on how to make them, but they seem quite easy to copy and what helps is that at the end of the book you get a grocery list of what each animal is made up of. Quite often you could see what they were from just looking, but I am definitely happy they added this list.

With each animal I got more and more hungry and I was just about to reach out and test if I could just stick my hand through the screen to get those nommy animals in my tummy. I love the creativity that went into all these animals and I loved how diverse the food was. From fruits to bread to veggies. I was looking forward to each animal to see what would be next. What food, but also what animal.

I am fairly certain this book will be a delight for many kids. You can read this during lunch and make some nommy animal faces and then eat them (oh boy, this sounds so gruesome, teehee). I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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