Review for Skunk and Badger

Review for Skunk and Badger

Skunk and Badger, Skunk, Badger, Amy Timberlake, Jon Klassen, Illustrations, Animals, Friendship, Rocks, Children's Book,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist requesting this one when I saw it pop up on Netgalley. I had already been happy dancing when I learned about the book on Twitter. I am a big fan of Jon Klassen’s work and just look that cover, it is such a delight!

This book tells us the story about two animals, Skunk and Badger. Two very unlikely friends, and Badger is quite grumpy and set in his ways. It is a story I have read before and it is always a tricky one as I have had stories I enjoyed with this set-up, but also hated stories like this one. I can honestly say that this one was a like.

While Badger was a grumpy animal and he should be a bit more open to sharing, I do feel that Skunk should also have respected Badger a bit more. You don’t just clean up in a house you just started living in without asking. If someone needs their rest and peace and quiet and tell you clearly that door closed = door closed and no interruptions, then leave them be no matter what.

Each one has something good though and it was fun to see them get closer together. Opening up to each other, telling stories. I loved how they instantly found a rhythm at home. Skunk makes yummy foods (and I am sure that Badger won’t be able to get out of the house if he keeps munching those muffins so much :P) and Badger cleans. And that if there is a lot of it they both do it. That was quite amazing that they figured it out so well. I know in real life it doesn’t always go that way. And not only are they becoming friends, Badger also learns new things, and later on when looking for Skunk he finds out a lot about his surroundings that had me so happy.

I loved Badger’s rock work though, I adore rocks and I know that when I was younger I collected them and had quite a few pretty things. It was fun to read how he polished rocks, how he figured if it was a rock or a mineral. He really did some hard work there and I was impressed. Though I do wonder what kind of organisation, if any, he is working for. He is doing research/work so it must be for something.

Oh, and all the chickens. So many chickens. Though I wasn’t that interested in the story that was told and skimmed most of that.

And I could well understand the argument that followed. Yes, I could also see Skunk’s view, but come on dude. You just don’t spray. Plus, while I get that you want to protect your chicken friends… who has to clean up their poop? Indeed.

As with all books like this we know how it will end. Badger misses someone in his home, someone he befriended despite him trying to deny it. It was a predictable ending but it still made me happy.

The illustrations were fantastic though I would have definitely loved more of them.

Star rating, 4 stars

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