Review for Super Silly Jokes for Kids

Review for Super Silly Jokes for Kids

Vicki Whiting, Jeff Schinkel, Children's Books, Humour, Funny, Super Silly Jokes for Kids, Orange, Boy, Yellow, Girl, Jokes,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

With how the world is while I was reading this (currently April and 3/4 weeks into stay at home) I needed some jokes. Something silly. Something funny. Something to make me giggle and laugh. I bumped against this book and of course I had to click that beautiful read now button. Give me!

Did it work as an ebook however? Eh, not so much. I read these books on my pc, but since you have to turn your head to read what the answers are (or spend some time deciphering them which causes you to forget what the question was). I tried putting it on my tablet. First with the ADE app, but that one just was terrible I am sorry but oh boy what a hot mess. Then I tried with a converted ebook that I got out of ADE’s own library. Well, it worked on a tablet but stuff was missing, images went wrong. And flipping a tablet isn’t the best for my wrists as my tablet is not the lightest. So I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I would if they just had put the answers there in a normal way or if I had the chance to read this one in paperback.

But the jokes were funny and I love how many there were. How there were pages full of knock knock jokes (really there were so many silly knock knock jokes and I learned many new ones), I liked how there were various subjects and had very specific jokes per subject. From teacher jokes to cowboy jokes.. Yes, most jokes will make you groan as they are very punny. I had fun reading them aloud to my hubby and see him shake his head and laugh when I told him the answer. I also liked the illustrations (well, as far as I could see them as a lot of them were broken due to the way I had to read this copy), the style fits with the silly and punny jokes.

In the end I did like reading this one and it did lighten my mood by a bit. I would recommend it, but only if you can get the paperback.

Star rating, 3 stars

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