Review for The Case of the Loathsome School Lunches

Review for The Case of the Loathsome School Lunches

The Case of the Loathsome School Lunches, (Mina Mistry (Sort of) Investigates #1), Orange/Yellow, Mystery, Mean Girl, Girls, Panda, Spy, Grandma, Children's Books, Fundraising, Healthy Eating, Angie LakeI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Sorry, but Mina is just not the nicest. She is constantly making horrible remarks about her supposed best friend Holly who loves fashion. As if it is horrible and terrible to love fashion. She never has anything nice to say about the girl and seriously? That is just not good. I couldn’t even see them as friends as I read this book. I just found it very harmful.

Not only is she judging her supposed best friend… but also her teacher who just loves sweet foods. ARGH.

I am quite confused about the ages of these girls. The way the book is written and how the characters act I would say 9/10, a bit too young in my eyes to go fully make-up as Holly is said to do. Nail polish, sure, but the rest?

Also I don’t see why there is a mystery for the unhealthy dinner stuff. From what I read in books and see in shows that is apparently how lunches go in the US. No clue why, I always found it very silly.
But we do later find out that the cook in charge apparently is a big fan of healthy food, so I can imagine that it is weird then that they only get unhealthy food all the time. The mystery itself was underwhelming. There wasn’t a lot of excitement or investigation happening in my eyes. Mina said she was doing things… but I just didn’t see anything really happen which was a shame.
In the end it was just a bit of a disappointment with how it all came together. Wow, gee, I haven’t seen that plot ever before. I do think it is a bit hilarious that they get bad dental health from just bad lunches. If you just brush your teeth right and correct once/twice a day and eat healthy (which looks like it happens) the other couple of times it shouldn’t be this bad. Unless your teeth hate you.

I did like that the fundraiser was for Postman Pete who has had his fair share of trouble in life. It was one of the few times that I saw someone with a prosthetic arm in a children’s book, so I really appreciate that. We need more prosthetics in children’s book.

I did like the Indian foods and that they were trying to make all sorts of things (Mina and her grandma).

The art was cute and fun. I like the style.

And the format didn’t work for me. I got this one BEFORE the whole formats were added to the book page and so I didn’t know this one would be PDF… If I had known I would have avoided it. I just cannot read long books on my PC or phone. My eyes and head just burn right away. Not to mention that I kept forgetting things because reading this in ADE meant long loading times… At times the program almost crashed. In my frustration I kept forgetting what I read on the previous page and I had to go back again.

So yeah, not my kind of book. Not interested in reading the rest. Unless the story gets better and Mina becomes a bit nicer and friendlier towards people around her.

Star rating, 1.5 stars

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