Review for The Great Reindeer Disaster

Review for The Great Reindeer Disaster

The Great Reindeer Disaster, Kate Saunders, Neal Layton, Yellow, Fireplace, Reindeer, Humour, Children's Books, Christmas, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Illustrations, Weird,A family is having a fun start to their vacation… when things go magical and they are teleported to Yule-1.

I spotted this book at the library and decided it would be a fun book to read, despite no winter weather for the coming months. I was in the mood for a silly magical book and this one seemed to fit the bill.

In this one we meet a family of 4 who are having a pretty fun time at a cottage, then during the evening a reindeer, who can talk, drops in from the chimney. Apparently he snuck along on a sleigh. Then when he gets picked up, the whole family suddenly find themselves in a spaceship and that is how they end up at the planet where Santa Claus lives. Yes. He doesn’t live on the North Pole, and there aren’t just the standard reindeer, but he has more groups. The reindeer talk and do all sorts of jobs to keep the planet running. But he has a little problem, Krampus is running amok along with a sidekick. Due to that things went wrong and now the family is stuck for a little while.

I loved how they each found something to do. The dad helped out Santa Claus, mom helped out in the library, the kids quickly made friends and went to school.

It was great to see more of the planet, of the village, and of all that happened. I loved the friendship between Percy and Jake and Belinda and Sadie. They instantly bonded, and it was just fantastic.

I had fun seeing Jake find out his special skill and along with that something else as well. And I do hope he learns that he shouldn’t try out any reindeer food (or maybe that is how it all started).

We also see Krampus (and his sidekick) try to run amok on the planet by way of a big cloud of soot.

I did give up on thinking how the time worked on the planet or how it all worked in regards to Christmas on Earth. There was a tiny bit of explanation at the beginning but it was just a bit weird and maybe I was just too tired. I just couldn’t make sense of it. So I just went along with it all.

I also found the whole ending with the trains just so weird and I don’t know, it just lessened my fun for this book. Maybe it is because I am 18+ but I read enough children’s books with weird plots that do work…

I also don’t get why the adults had their memory erased. It just seemed dumb, plus, hello, I am 18+ so I would just forget all the adventures? How can you do that to me? Plus, later on you still want to see them, so it just didn’t make sense at all.

But in overall, this was a fun book. A bit early to read given we are almost in Autumn and Winter is still far away, but I am happy I had a chance to read it.

Star rating, 3 stars

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