Review for The Grémillet Sisters – Volume 1 – Sarah’s Dream

Review for The Grémillet Sisters – Volume 1 – Sarah’s Dream

The Grémillet Sisters - Volume 1 - Sarah's Dream, Giovanni Di Gregorio, Alessandro Barbucci, Girls, Garden, Mystery, Sisters, Graphic Novel, Jellyfish, Cats,I received this graphic novel in exchange of an honest review.

I was totally hyped when I noticed this book was illustrated by Alessandro Barbucci. He is just so amazing and I look forward to each new book by him. Happy I got a chance from Netgalley to read this book.

Meet Sarah, the oldest sibling. She has strange recurring dreams of jellyfish, trees, forests, and her mom’s room. What is going on and will she find out? Then we meet her other sisters, Lucille and Cassiopeia. They don’t have the dreams and they aren’t as curious as their older sister, but they do want to know a bit more. As the story continues we see Sarah try to figure out what is behind her dreams. What the tree means in her dream. Why are there jellyfish? It was really well done and I loved each new revelation, each new part of the story, each new thing that Sarah (and at points her sisters) find out. However, I did expect a magical explanation, but instead we got something else that just brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine that mom kept that away from her daughters, that it took her so long to talk about it.

I love that we also saw what interests the other girls. One of them is in love with a boy named Ulysses (who seems quite interested in her as well). The other loves cats and is feeding several of the kitties in the town.

They are sisters though, it is obvious how they look, but also in the way they act. They bicker, argue, but also love each other so so much. I just love seeing them together working hard to make something for their mother. To bind together her memories.

The ending, and what is shown there, I already was in a couple of tears because of what we find out about mom, but that really brought out some more tears. That was so beautiful and sweet.

I am curious what is next though? This is the first volume and the story ends conclusive, everything is tied up neatly. Are there more secrets in this family? I don’t mind more, in fact I want more and more of this family, but I am just very curious how the story will go on.

The art was, as I expected because Alessandro Barbucci is my favourite Italian illustrator, fantastic, beautiful and great. I just love his style and I am glad that he has a new series.

All in all, I would highly recommend this fabulous magical story about secrets and sisterhood to everyone.

Star rating, 5 stars

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