Review for The Hand on The Wall

Review for The Hand on The Wall

The Hand on the Wall, Truly Devious 3, Maureen Johnson, Young Adult, Mystery, Green, Clock, Brush, White Letters“Anxiety does not ask your permission. Anxiety does not come when expected. It’s very rude. It barges in at the strangest moments, stopping all activity, focusing everything on itself It sucks the air our of your lungs and scrambles the world.”

The final book in the Truly Devious series, though I am hyped that Stevie Bell won’t be out of my life any time soon. That definitely helped me reading this book. Yes, I admit, I got a problem with reading final books in series, I just don’t want things to end. I don’t want to say goodbye to the characters.

In this book everything is tied up neatly with a tiny ribbon on top. We see how Stevie Bell figures out the last few things she needs for the Truly Devious mystery. It was definitely fun to see her figure it all out and tie everything together. Fit everything in a puzzle. Not only that, but we also see her figure out who committed the murders of her friends and her teacher. Because that is also important to solve of course. It was definitely a ride to read this one and see what Stevie figured out along the way.

I have to say that at times I found the past parts to be the best.. other times I liked the now parts more. It just depended on which one made the story go further. Sometimes the now parts just felt like they were going nowhere, and at other times I was just uncomfortable reading the past parts (G was just a creepy fucker). I was so sad when we find out things about Alice. 🙁

I loved the various things we do find out, I love seeing characters come back, relationships form, there is a big big snowstorm with tons of fun/exciting things happening, there were quotes that had me laughing.

I am happy with the ending. I love Stevie’s resolution/decision, I am happy with David’s plans and I hope he is successful, Janelle and Vi are just the cutest, then there is Hunter who is also happier now.

All in all, a great trilogy, Maureen Johnson has done it again. I would recommend this book to all in search for a good mystery.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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