Review for The Stitchers

Review for The Stitchers

The Stitchers, Goodie Lane, Fright Watch, Children's Books, Friendship, Boy, Girl, Houses, Clouds, Woods, Moon, Horror, Mystery, Secrets, Neighbours, Lorien LawrenceI won a copy of the ARC  through a competition on Twitter, this in no means has affected my rating or feelings. This is 101% honesty here.

This was a very exciting and fun read! It took me several days to get through it due to how little time I had when I read it (something to do with packing up a tent, going home and unpack stuff, and feeling too dead to read). But whenever I could I read this book, because I just couldn’t put it down.

I enjoyed it a lot, it gave some major Goosebumps x Eerie Indiana vibes (remember the episode with the tupperware lady?). I was already hoping for that so I am delighted! Meet the Oldies. A group of elderly people who have been living on the street for… well centuries, that is how it seems at least. People have known them for a long long time. Quinn and her dad were investigating them but then things happened to her dad and after that she just wasn’t that much into it. But now she is back again, this time with her friend (or well she thinks he is really cute and swoony) Mike. I loved seeing the two of them together and trying to figure out clues. Try to not get in the clutches of the Oldies. Along the way of their investigation they bump against dead ends, but also find out plenty of scary details that had gave me a big case of the goosebumps. Which I loved as it was hot as hell during my vacation/after my vacation and I could use some cold.

Things get spookier and spookier with each page and each newly learned fact. The Oldies are also going in the offence as they notice that Quinn is discovering things. Things they don’t want to come out. Seeing all the Oldies together was just a big NOPE, especially when they went chanting. Though I have to say seeing Mr. Brown rush past with his fancy legs was also something of a no thank you. He reminded me of a spider, waiting, waiting, and then pounce and run.

I love how Quinn was a runner and how she trained daily (though I am guessing running away from creepy old men wasn’t on the itinerary 😛 ). I loved seeing the meets, happy that those were added.

I do hope that Quinn’s mom picks up things, makes more meals for her kid, tries to be there a bit more. I get that she has to work, but your kid needs a healthy and happy home as well. But we do see that the mom tries. Makes up the days she cannot be there. Surprises her daughter when she has a day off. Again, I can imagine it is not easy being the only parent and having to make sure to keep a roof over your head, but your kid also needs you.

The only thing or character I should say I wasn’t a fan of was Mike. I didn’t like how he acted (like how he went from hot to cold to hot) and I wasn’t too big of a fan on his excuses and how he brought Quinn further into problems with everyone she cares about. I get that he wants to solve the case, Quinn wants that too, but Quinn also has other friends who she wants to be with. Just let her have a bit of fun at times. It is not a job. No need to act the way you did. Thanks.

All in all, this was an AMAZING read and one I could definitely not stop reading. I would highly recommend this one to everyone in need for a spooky read. This one will be great to read during Halloween. I cannot wait for the next book in this series, I hope it will just be as awesome.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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        1. Not in a costume, but I do have some dresses that fit with Halloween so I will be wearing one of those (or multiple to lead up to the day itself). Oh, boy I cannot wait to decorate my house! Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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