Review for The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Review for The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Children's Books, Tentacles, Travelling, Secret, Fantasy, Magic, Clouds, Globe, Backpack, Girl, Treasure Chest, AdventureThe Strangeworlds Travel Agency, L.D. Lapinski, Suitcases,Imagine a world where you can travel to other worlds with suitcases.

I have had my eyes on this one for a while and then I decided to buy it. While I did like the book, I don’t know it just missed something. Throughout the book it just felt incomplete. There was something missing that kept me from wanting to flip the pages.

I loved the beginning, I loved the travel agency, I love the idea that one can travel through suitcases, that there are so many worlds to discover. There are also rules which made me happy, because otherwise it would just been too easy to go to these worlds. I love that you could bring a suitcase with you, and that NO MATTER what, you couldn’t lose it. The explanation on how the suitcases work was fab, and I like that there were guidebooks and that we even get a glimpse inside, I would definitely love a separate book with maps and guide stuff. Not just pages in the official book, but a full book of it.

I love how Flick found the agency and how quickly she befriended Jonathan. I loved how she found a home away from her home. And I loved how, unlike so many other books about characters finding out about magic she stays cool and calm. She doesn’t even believe it at first despite what she saw. I love how down to earth she is, but how as the story continues she is getting more and more enthusiastic about it, more open and more believing.

Flick’s official name was also nice, Felicity.

The cover is a delight and is just so much fun.

I loved discovering the worlds and seeing what kind of worlds there were. From forests to Peter Pan situations (and I laughed so hard on how they escaped). The author did well on describing the worlds and I could just envision myself at the worlds and travel along with our duo (or Jonathan/Flick alone).

There were parts of Jonathan I liked and I did feel sorry for him for the losses he had in his life. I loved that nearer to the end he decided to go for it and what he did was just WOW. He went through so much for Flick. I loved how he tried his best to help the agency, learn about things, be strict despite whatever his age must be and how old the other travellers are.

Nicc has a special place in my heart. I love that little Thief. I thought at first she may turn out to be a baddie (like the Overseer) but she turned out to be a sweet girl who was just trying to make a living.

Jonathan, I never could get a grip on his age. At the one hand he felt like 14-15, but on the other hand also 30. It was utterly confusing for me.
Plus, his personality never felt OK to me. I don’t know, he was just so secretive, something was just off. Not to mention that what he held from Flick? I saw that coming a mile of. His reaction to when Flick showed that she knew magic was just too much.

There are very many more questions and mysteries to be answered and solved and that is also the reason why I am rating this one a bit lower because it just seemed we never get that. Instead it just piles on and on and on. It does give the story a bit more excitement.. but it is just frustrating as well.

Flick’s parents were just not my fav. I am happy to read that they do things for Flick, but you cannot expect your 12-year old to care for her baby brother the way she does. Feeding, cleaning, playing, caring. I get you have a job, but you got a kid, it is your baby, take care of it. Don’t dump it all with your other kid who wants to have a life and play.

The whole Flick escaping from the waiting room just felt out of place and unnecessary. At first I thought it was cool, but then she got captured within like 10-15 minutes and it just felt like a plotdevice instead. Like OMG look what Flick can do. She can not just see glitter and sparkles and schisms, but also can open/break closed worlds. *rolls eyes* I think it would have been better if it had been incorporated in the story a bit better, make it natural.

As you can see, a lot of good, a lot of love… but sadly also things I just wasn’t happy with. For now it is going to be 3 stars as I still enjoyed reading it, and I was happy to see all the worlds and see the characters grow.

Star rating, 3 stars

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