Review for The Train to Impossible Places: The Great Brain Robbery

Review for The Train to Impossible Places: The Great Brain Robbery

P.G. Bell, The Great Brain Robbery, A Train to Impossible Places, Book 2, Red, Train, Hot Air Balloon, Girl, Fantasy, Physics, Post, Trolls, Flying, Earthquake, Children's Books, Illustrations, Friendship, Fun, Magic, The second book in the series and this time Suzy has to save Trollville from ABSOLUTE destruction!

This time I decided to read this one in English and this time it worked! YAY! No need to wait for the Dutch version for me. dances

Just like the other book in the series I will do a good/not so good.

-We are back in this amazing world and I just loved reading about Trollville, and various other new places that they visited in their quest to save Trollville.
-Suzy is back and this time she is all up to date with how a postie works. I loved that she read the guide so much that she can now quote things out of it.
-I loved seeing the new train with still some old heart in it. I had a big laugh that socks kept disappearing right off people’s feet when the train accelerated to a high speed. Thankfully the crew had plenty of socks left to grab when socks disappeared.
-I loved reading that Suzy took her physics to a new level, this time some imagination. I am glad that her parents did agree with her and were on her side, that made me so happy.
-I loved that we had two POVs, though of course Suzy was still my favourite.
-Fun illustrations that made the story come further alive!
-Cloudwright was just an amazing place with amazing things happening. I would love to visit that one for real.
-I loved the name of the person they meet in Cloudwright, such a fitting name, Cirrus.
-I loved the villain, he was perfectly villainous, and creepy. The author did a great job at writing him.
-I had a big big laugh at the beginning of the story when Suzy was talking to her parents and in the mean time looking at the time. And then plop her parents fell asleep. 😛
-Big big points to my favourite character, Ursel! I love that bear!
-The Brain Storm and AI that lived there.
-Mr. Trellis. Go go, that old man is just amazing. No matter the situation, he is there to help out and have some more adventures.
-Crepuscula. She is still wicked, but in a good way.
-The ending was also fab and while there are still some open endings, I guess those will get tied up in the next book.
-I am especially happy with Suzy’s decision in the end. That is definitely the best one. You can’t keep doing that to people, it is unfair for them. I am curious to how they reacted to the news.

-Lord Meridian and what Suzy had to do to get information out of him. It just felt like everything they went through in the first book was for nought. And that is just a shame. It could have been handled so much better. Especially by his sister. sighs
-How every time I thought maybe now we would progress with the story and get further with the Trollville saving something would happen and they would have travel somewhere else. It just got a bit eye-rolling.
-I had actually hoped for some more postal stuff… instead we do get a couple of letters here and there but most of the travelling on the train is done because they had to go places to find people. sighs I was so excited for a new train, new postal stuff, and then nothing happens with it. There are so many letters left unsent, and while sure, it would get a bit boring if you did it all the time, just mix it with the whole adventure stuff.
-Why is Frederick back? Can’t that guy take a hint and stay away?
-How naive Suzy was about the Postie stuff and thought everyone would just be kind because she was the postie. rolls her eyes

I wondered about one of the illustrations (at least one), on page 345 we see Suzy hanging on a wooden chair (clearly wood given the ridges and the grooves and such), but the description of the scene is the following: “She clung to the armrests and tried to push herself back into the leather.” Leather? On a completely wooden chair? mmm

As you can see a lot of good and I had tons of fun reading this book! I definitely look forward to the next book in the series. I would also recommend both this and the other book to all looking for a fun fantasy (with a dash of physics) series.

Star rating, 4 stars

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