Waiting on Wednesday ~ Cinders and Sparrows

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Cinders and Sparrows

Evening all,

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday (where did the week go?)! This week I cannot wait for Cinders and Sparrows by Stefan Bachmann! A creepy book I found while looking for some new October reads to try out. I love the blurb, I love the cover. It contains magic, witchcraft, finding family, spells, and battles. Oh my!

Sorry, keeping it short this week as I have not been feeling well the past few days and all I want is sleep at the moment.

Children's Books, Pink, Cinders and Sparrows, Forest, Silhouette, Girl, Castle, Road, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Retelling, Stefan BachmannTwelve-year-old Zita, an orphan and a housemaid, has resigned herself to a life of drudgery when a strange letter arrives, naming her the only living heir to the Brydgeborn fortune. Now the mistress of the castle, Zita soon realizes foul play led to the death of her family. And as she is guided through lessons in the art of witchcraft by the somewhat mysterious Mrs. Cantanker, Zita is thrust into a mysterious plot involving murderous spells, false identity, and a magical battle of wills between the living and the dead.

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