Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Wizard In My Shed

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Wizard In My Shed

Evening all!

Happy Wednesday does a happy dance and welcome to a brand-new Waiting on Wednesday! For this WoW I selected The Wizard In My Shed by Simon Farnaby with illustrations by the fabulous Claire Powell.

This book sounds just what I love to read, silly stories with magic and a mad warlock. It sounds like one of my favourite shows, Catweazel. I am hoping there are tons of antics, magic, and seeing things go totally wrong as Merdyn (so not Merlin) learns about the modern world. I wonder how long Rose can hide him in her shed without anyone noticing (given this is a children’s book this can take anywhere from an hour to several days. 😛 ). Plus, I wonder if Merdyn will get kinder and will help Rose with her family.

Plus, as I said, illustrations are by Claire Powell! Another big big reason for me to get this book.

Now I just got to wait for the paperback… sadly, I just found out that isn’t until next year. I thought it may be earlier.  🙁

The Wizard In My Shed: The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild, Yellow, Warlock, Fantasy, Magic, Guinea Pig, Girl, Red Hair, Staff, Bird, Funny, Humour, Learning about the modern world, Dark Ages, Vengeance, Family, Simon Farnaby, Claire PowellMerdyn the Wild is from the Dark Ages. He’s the world’s greatest Warlock (don’t call him a wizard), banished to the 21st century for bad behaviour, and determined to wreak vengeance on his nemesis.

Rose is a totally ordinary girl, on a mission to mend her broken family.
Bubbles is Rose’s guinea pig. He just poos a lot.

When Rose bumps into Merdyn and discovers what he is, she quickly realises that he could be just what she needs. Rose agrees to help Merdyn navigate the confusing ways of the modern world (things like: the lidded bowl in the bathroom is NOT a sink, it’s a TOILET, so definitely DON’T wash your face in it) if Merdyn gives her a spell to fix her family in return.

Now they just need to hide him in the shed without Rose’s mum noticing, track down Merdyn’s magic staff and find a way to send Merdyn back through time to the Dark Ages. What could possibly go wrong…?

4 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Wizard In My Shed

  1. That sounds like such a fun read! 😀
    It kinda reminds me of the Dark Lord books by Jamie Thompson. (which reminds me that I still have to finish that series…)

    1. I know right! It sounds like a book that will make you giggle and laugh. Oh, never heard of that series, checking Goodreads and it looks fun. Haha, good luck, maybe this reminder brings you to reading. 🙂

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