What I Hope To Read October 2020

What I Hope To Read October 2020

Afternoon all,

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Bye bye September and welcome to the spooky month of October!!! Welcome all to a brand-new post featuring books I am would like to read in October.

September was pretty OK-ish. The weather was up and down. Days of rain, and then suddenly a day of 30C melts. My hubby’s birthday was a fun day at home with movies and games, though we both wanted to go outside because it was that day that it was 30C and so perfect to go outside and to the zoo or some other place. Oh well, next year! Hopefully.

October is just awesome because it means Halloween is coming. Still not a big thing here, but I celebrate it and I cannot wait to decorate my house, think of what movies to watch (collected quite a few on Netflix), hopefully eat some Halloween candies.

This month I got four pre-orders. One I cannot list yet as there is no cover (no clue why). And I got 6 books I would love to try out.

Jessica Townsend, Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow, Nevermoor, Book 3, Green, Fire, Girl, Fantasy, Cats, Children's Books, Friendship, Magic, Challenges, WundersmithWitch in Winter, Kaye Umansky, Blue, Dog, Girl, Snow, Ice, Witches, Fantasy, Illustrations, Humour, Children's BookOverdag bang en 's avonds dronken, Sylvia Witteman, Pink, Columns, Non-Fiction, Bottle, Sylvia Witteman

The Wizard In My Shed: The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild, Yellow, Warlock, Fantasy, Magic, Guinea Pig, Girl, Red Hair, Staff, Bird, Funny, Humour, Learning about the modern world, Dark Ages, Vengeance, Family, Simon Farnaby, Claire PowellFive Total Strangers, Natalie D. Richards, Blue, Ice, Car, Trees, Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult, SuspenseBird, Scissors, roses, The Once and Future Witches, Ribbon, Flowers, Plants, Alix, E. Harrow, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Witches, Fantasy, Magic, Young Adult, Sisters, Suffragists, Salem,Shine, Jessica Jung, Gold, Pink, White, K-pop, Idols, Singing, Music, Famous, Fame, KoreaChildren's Books, Pink, Cinders and Sparrows, Forest, Silhouette, Girl, Castle, Road, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Retelling, Stefan BachmannLifestyles of Gods and Monsters, Statue, Phone, Cellphone, Girl, Pedestal, Young Adult, Famous, Fame, Mythology, Young Adult, Emily Roberson

4 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read October 2020

  1. The cover of Once and Future Witches is so beautiful!! I agree with you about the weather being all over the place at the moment, it’s crazy, isn’t it? I hope you get to all the books you want to read!

    1. It is! That is what made me want to read it (and then came the blurb). Yes, one moment you can go outside in just a sweater, the next you need a coat as well and other days it is just a shirt. Pick one thing weather. Not all of it. 😛 Thank you!

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