Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Abducted by Demons Arc Vol.1+2

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Abducted by Demons Arc Vol.1+2

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, White Dress, Purple Ribbon, White Beret, Hatchet, Dark, Blood, Manga, Horror, Orange HairThis is a review for the first arc of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Abducted by Demons Arc, or as it is also called: Onikakushi-hen.

I decided to do a re-read for this series, been a few years so I thought it was high time. And it is almost Halloween so time to read some spooky things.

Volume 1: Star rating, 5 stars: I am not sure if I can still handle all the gore, but I want to try. This one begins pretty tame, at least in the beginning. We meet Keiichi as he begins living in Hinamizawa, a small town with barely anything in it. We see he becomes quick friends with people there, and one girl he likes (Rena). We see the group play games which often end in Keiichi losing. After the middle of the book things start to slowly change. Keiichi finds out things, his friends act a bit weird, and then there is the festival where things go totally wrong. I have to say that I did find it weird that the police inspector would tell Keiichi all the things, why? He is like 16-17, it seems weird that you would tell him all, I get that Keiichi is a stranger so not in the midst of everything, but still.
There is also a bit of fanservice. Not sure how I feel about it given it also involves two of the younger girls (Rika and Satoko).
The art is a bit hit and miss at times. Sometimes it looks good, but especially bodies and faces is where things go very wonky (which made the end part with Rena going craycray on the one hand very creepy, but on the other hand also very hilarious).
Things are starting now and I cannot wait to see what will happen next. I do remember vaguely the details but not which arc it all took place in. This is just the start, the gore begins soon. And so begins the mystery of why these events keep happening and if there is a way to stop them. I look forward to it. To the questions and to the answers. I am ready! This spooky and horrific manga.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, White Shirt, Red Top, Dark, Blood, Manga, Horror, Brown Hair, Bat, KeiichiVolume 2: Star rating, 5 stars: And so ends the first ARC in the Higurashi series with a gruesome conclusion! As I read the book I started to know where this one is going, my memories are coming back. And I was hyped, but also a bit creeped out as I knew that once Keiichi walks this path.. there is no way back. I loved how well the paranoia and the insanity was written. How Keiichi totally went south, but with him also Rena and Mion. We see how those two constantly know all about Keiichi and what he does, and most importantly that he speaks and consults with someone he should definitely not talk. Not at all. With each passing page, each passing day, things got more and more crazy and I knew it wasn’t long before the bloodshed would start. I felt sorry for Keiichi as he was having such a good time in this town, and then he finds out all those things. He just wanted to be with his friends. To feel safe and happy. I felt sorry for his parents who had no idea.
The ending, holy hell. I knew what was coming but it still comes to a shock to me each time (and with that I also mean the anime). For answers we will have to wait until the Answer arcs start. We only get snippets and hints.
I am still unsure about the art, I have to say at times it was at least better than the first volume. The creepy eyes are still very unsettling, but again also a bit silly.
I cannot wait to start the next arc in this series. Cotton drifting.

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