Library Haul 10-10-2020

Library Haul 10-10-2020

Afternoon all,

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Happy weekend to all and welcome to a new Library #2 haul!

Since there was even more talk now about extra measures that may be coming next week, I decided to visit the library today. I had 25 books I finished/tried and I wanted to find 25 new books so I could be at 60 books again. The past days I reserved some books and a few of them got found.

I decided to find the rest of the books myself and while walking around the library I found several books I wanted but also some new ones that I just had to bring with me. Quite happy with what I found! Now I got plenty to read again.

And for one book I had to do a bit more effort. I already had extended the loan on it twice, so I couldn’t loan it out more.. but my hubby was still reading it. So I asked the librarians if it was possible to get the book again. Thankfully they could extend the loan again, so now my hubby can continue reading.

STATS: 25 (well, 26, since I did add my hubby’s book to the mix) books. 4 picture books, 1 comic, 9 non-fiction, 12 fiction.

NOTE: Some of these are not on Goodreads, I will be adding the books when (if) I read the books. If I don’t forget I will add the links to this post.

Liefde op de Javazee by Anita Verkerk
De jacht by Elle Kennedy
Loop by Ben Oliver
Minecraft: de strip by Sfe R. Monster, Sarah Graley
Achter de jagers aan! by Elisa Spronsen
Schatgraven op de Bahama’s by Thea Stilton
Het wolkenkasteel by Zanna Davidson
Weet je nog, opa? by Vivian den Hollander, Saskia Halfmouw
Billy Extra Plankgas: Door de bodem van het heelal by Yorick Goldewijk
Wij blijven bij elkaar by Martine Letterie
Stoere Steffie en de stinkende stad by Annemarie Bon
Alle kleuters by Carry Slee

Lekker boekie! by Bas Steman
25 gram geluk by Massimo Vacchetta
Sterrenkunde voor jonge mensen met haast by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Lees dit boek niet! by Bart Meijer, Michiel Eijsbouts
Advocaatje leef je nog by Hans Nijhuis
Fotograaf te Rotterdam by Carl Emil Mögle
Rotterdam vanuit de wolken by Bart Hofmeester
Noortje slaat op hol by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein
Piratenzoekboek by David Long
Licht uit, Lennart by Josh Pyke, Chris Nixon
Laat eend met rust by Becky Davies
Luuk en Lotje Naar school! by Ruth Wielockx
Cowboyter by Dimitri Leue, Tom Schoonooghe

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