Library Haul 22-10-2020

Library Haul 22-10-2020

Afternoon all,

Welcome all to a brand-new Library #1 haul! It was high time to bring back my old books and get some fresh paper in my life.

I have been looking forward to going to the library for a week now, both in happiness (yay new books, yay library) but also stress (urgh people/will people keep distance). Yesterday it was finally time. I am glad that it stayed dry, at least until I reached the library, then the sky just opened. 😛

I visited all my favourite spots and was delighted at all the new choices, plus when I walked by the comic section I spotted a new Crazy Cavia’s and decided that one had to come with me as well. My basket (not a fan of those but we have to carry one now) was filling up fast and I was worried I was going to have to make some decisions. In the end, thankfully not.

I am so happy that they added several new English books, including Potkin and Stubbs, I was definitely looking forward to that one and hoping that one day I could read it and now I finally can. I couldn’t find the first book of the dragon series (Wings of Fire) but thankfully there was the first volume of the graphic novel. Works for me!

All in all, I got plenty to read again, I wonder what I will read first. Mm. Difficult choices, especially since I also visited Library #3 on Saturday and still got Library #2 books left.

STATS: 8 books. 2 non-fiction, 1 comic, 5 fiction.

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Potkin & Stubbs by Sophie Green
Tarifa by Kiki van Dijk
Druks by Francien Regelink
Attack of the Smart Speakers by Tom McLaughlin
Wings of Fire #1 by Tui T. Sutherland
Verliefd op Nederland by Roëll de Ram
SAM by Tom Durie
Crazy Cavia’s #2 by Laurent Dufreney

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