Library Haul 24-10-2020

Library Haul 24-10-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy weekend and welcome to a new Library #2 haul!

I still had some time before things had to go back.. but one of my books had to go back today. My hubby offered to go and for most of the week I was set on that. Then on Thursday I suddenly wanted to go as well. So now we both went. 😛 He brought back books (as that just give me anxiety due to have 20+ books and people getting very unnice/impatient) and I went to find books.

I had fun searching for my reservations and I also found several other books to bring along with me. It was quite funny because when I got to the new releases table at the Children’s Department I was just shoving books in my basket. 😛 On that point the max books you can shove in a basket is around 22, rip my basket.

I guess my hubby (and maybe me) will have to go this coming week again… the past days my reservations got filled very slowly (just had 5 waiting for me out of 30) so I was eager to find the rest while at the library. I even checked before I went to make sure there weren’t other reservations in. Nothing. Then I got to the library and scrolled down in the app… 10 of my books are now on transport/transit… sighs So look forward to another haul post coming somewhere this week, maybe next week Saturday.

Keeping it short today, just so so tired. Already fell asleep in the car and on the couch while organising my books.

STATS: 28 books. 9 picture books, 6 non-fiction, 13 fiction.

Strandslag by Linda van Rijn
Het voornemen van de muis by Toon Tellegen
Poeslief by Anita Verkerk
Tim de kleine boswachter by Jan Paul Schutten, Tim Hogenbosch
De braniebende by Tom Fletcher, Shaun DeVries
Club Donald Duck #1 by Jimmy Gownley
Grenzeloos by Marlies Slegers
The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy
De koning van de flat by Marieke Smithuis
Hoe word je grappig als je niet leuk bent? by Jan Paul Schutten
Bob Popcorn: De popcorn spion by Maranke Rinck, Martijn van der Linden
Rotkat by Janneke Schotveld, Milja Praagman

Cleo & Bast: de krankzinnige kunstroof by May-Britt Mcbach
Altijd dichtbij by Mark Janssen
De fantastische vliegwedstrijd by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Sebastiaan Van Doninck
Er lag een trommeltje in het gras by Edward van de Vendel, Sanne te Loo
I Want My Light On! by Tony Ross
Van Annie Alligator tot Zeno Zebra by Nelleke Verhoeff
Naar bed gaan is gedoe by Wessel Sandtke, Marieke van Ditshuizen
Elra de hond by Elle van Lieshout, Erik van Os
Tweeling by Mylo Freeman
Het Sneeuwvlokje by Benji Davies
De aarde komt op! by James Gladstone
Stuiver en Pluis Egypte by Jan Paul Schutten, Liset Celie
Tijdmachien by Michel de Boer
Tierenduin by Geert Vervaeke
Verlaten straten by Han van Bree
Ga je mee naar Yellowstone? by Aleksandra Mizielinska

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